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关于”有关交流“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Related exchanges。以下是关于有关交流的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Related exchanges

Shanghai Futures Exchange The problem is how to balance the ambitions of Hong Kong and Shanghai, and how the central government of Beijing views each city's role in the evolving capital market. This year, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) has obtained regulatory approval to set up a data center in Shanghai to provide information directly to mainland China market information providers and obtain real-time market data from the Hong Kong stock exchange, Rather than through a third party, it aims to ensure that Hong Kong maintains and strengthens its position as an integrated leader in the global financial services industry. However, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai cooperated with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Shanghai Futures Exchange in March, and its chief executive officer, Yang Maijun, said at the time that he hoped to carry out more cooperation with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in business areas of mutual interest.

Although the establishment of the stock exchange of industry and commerce involves the Shanghai Stock Exchange, rather than its futures exchange, in this delicate evolving relationship, for Li Ka Shing, cooperation rather than competition is the critical moment. The road in the future will be damaged. The land and offshore markets in the future will still be very different.

Hong Kong always needs us to provide different needs.


上海期货交易所(Shanghai Futures Exchange)‰问题在于,与上海的雄心壮志如何平衡,以及北京中央如何看待每个城市在不断演变的资本市场中的角色;今年,港交所获得监管部门的批准,在上海设立一个数据中心,直接向中国内地市场信息商提供信息获得交易所的实时市场数据,而不是必须通过第三方,它的目的是确保保持并加强其作为全球金融服务业综合领袖的地位。然而,港交所和上海在xx月份与交易所合作,与上海期货交易所签署谅解备忘录,其首席执行官杨迈军当时表示,他希望与港交所在共同感兴趣的业务领域开展更多合作。尽管成立工商联交所涉及的是上海证交所,而不是其期货交易所,但在这种微妙演变的关系中,对李嘉诚来说,合作而非竞争是关键时刻未来的道路损坏,未来的陆上和离岸市场将仍然非常不同,总是需要我们提供不同的需求,他说:。


Ice, which has invested $billion in a deal to buy NYSE Euronext, has agreed to buy its former rival NYSE Euronext for $billion, a deal that will enable the energy and commodities exchanges to The deal, announced yesterday as one of the world's largest derivatives market operators, marks the biggest gamble. So far, ice chief executive Jeff sprecher has been eyeing NYSE Euronext Last year, ice and Nasdaq OMX jointly launched a $100 million hostile takeover and breakup of the NYSE, but abandoned the move after US antitrust authorities threatened to sue to stop it. OMX (NASDAQ OMX ice) will retain the iconic building of the New York Stock Exchange, but hopes to spin off Euronexts cash and stock divisions, including the Paris and Amsterdam stock exchanges, Brussels and Lion.

The company said it is exploring a pan European listing if market conditions permit and European policy makers support the offering. The deal will push ice, a long-standing exchange, into the listed interest rate derivatives trading sector by providing energy, emissions and commodities trading. As the world's largest asset class, it will also tranorm the ice into the third-largest futures exchange operator, said sprecher.

In the face of the global financial crisis, the German Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile The CME Group market has changed internally, while the derivatives market has become more global; as Europe's major financial institutions turn their attention to other markets, many cash and stock markets have become more regional. Capital efficiency and regulatory reform ; ice's ambitious acquisitions were made before the significant restructuring of derivatives transactions.


洲际交易所(ICE)在与收购纽约泛欧交易所(NYSE Euronext)的交易中投入了亿美元的赌注,洲际交易所(ICE)已同意以亿美元的收购其年前的竞争对手纽约泛欧交易所(NYSE Euronext),这笔交易将使能源和大宗商品交易所(energy and commodities bourse)成为全球最大的衍生品市场商之一(洲际交易所-泛欧交易所,Intercontinental ExchangeNYSE Euronext)昨日宣布的这宗交易标志着最大的一场迄今为止,ICE首席执行官杰夫·斯普雷彻(Jeff Sprecher)一直觊觎纽交所泛欧交易所(NYSE Euronext •)旗下的欧洲衍生品交易所(NYSE Liffe 去年,ICE和纳斯达克OMX联合发起了亿美元的敌意收购和拆分纽交所,但在反垄断机构威胁要起诉阻止它之后,它放弃了这一举措。OMX(纳斯达克OMX ICE将保留纽约证交所的标志性建筑,但希望分拆包括巴黎、阿姆斯特丹证券交易所在内的Euronexts现金股票部门,布鲁塞尔和里斯本该公司表示,如果市场条件允许,欧洲政策制定者支持发行,它正在探索泛欧交易所的上市。这项交易将推动ICE这个有着悠久历史的交易所,通过提供能源、排放和大宗商品的交易,进入上市的利率衍生品交易领域,作为全球最大的资产类别,它还将把洲际交易所改造成第三大期货交易所商,斯普雷彻表示,面对全球金融危机,德国证交所和芝加哥商品交易所集团(CME Group)市场已经发生了内在的变化,而衍生品市场已经变得更加全球化;随着欧洲主要金融机构将注意力转向了其他市场,许多现金和股票市场也变得更加区域化资本效率和监管改革 ICE雄心勃勃的收购是在衍生品交易大幅调整之前进行的。


HKEx has rejected investors' concerns about the timing of its acquisition of the LME, suggesting that the end of the commodity super cycle has little impact on the future returns of the deal (HKEx shareholder hkexlme agreed to sell and settle on the HKEx in July to attract more customers from China, due to China's demand for metals and other commodities, China's demand for commodity hedging is expected to grow rapidly. Lmelmelme China accounts for per cent of global metal demand, and the HKEx believes it has an opportunity to use its contacts in China to boost Chinese people. The participation rate of the London Metal Exchange (LME) exceeds the current level of%.

However, as many economists began to call the end of the commodity super cycle, Charles Li, chief executive of the London Metal Exchange, said the acquisition was made at a time when many economists began to call it the end of the commodity super cycle, saying that the growth from the acquisition would not depend on the rise or fall of commodity prices we are not in the pure commodity business. The rise and fall of commodities is not so important to the market structure, he told the financial times; he pointed out that stock exchanges are only when stock prices are expanding or rising, but in terms of the level of business, we are trying to see if we can convert our market from a single revenue stream (based on fair business) to Multi asset income flow with synergistic effect. Mr.

Li said most of the HKEx's revenue comes from trading in Hong Kong stocks, warrants and index futures, as well as initial public offerings. Mr. Li attended a meeting in Singapore hosted by Goldman Sachs at which Julian, managing director of Asia Pacific Investment Research at Bank of America, was in Singapore Zhu) said at the meeting that the bank had called for the end of China's commodity super cycle in May, and Zhu Rongji said that China's commodity super cycle would end in three to five years.


交易所拒绝了投资者对其收购伦敦金属交易所的时机的担忧,这表明大宗商品超周期的结束对交易的未来回报影响不大(伦敦交易所交易所的股东HKEXLME同意于xx月向交易所和结算,为吸引更多来自中国的客户,由于中国对金属和其他大宗商品的需求,预计中国对大宗商品套期保值的需求将迅速增长。LMELMELME中国占全球金属需求的%,港交所相信,它有机会利用在华的人脉来提振中国人伦敦金属交易所(LME)的参与率超过了目前的%水平。然而,在许多经济学家开始称大宗商品超级周期结束之际,伦敦金属交易所(LME)首席执行官李嘉诚(Charles Li)表示,此次收购是在许多经济学家开始称之为大宗商品超级周期结束之际进行的,他说,从收购中获得的增长不会取决于大宗商品的涨跌(Charles Li 我们并不从事纯商品业务大宗商品的涨跌对市场结构没有那么重要他告诉英国《金融时报》;他指出,证券交易所只有在股票膨胀或正在上升,但就业务的水平而言,我们正在努力看看我们是否能够将我们的市场从一个单一的收入流(基于公平的业务)转换成具有协同增效作用的多资产收益流。

李先生说,交易所的大部分收入来自于股票的交易,权证和股指期货,以及首次公开募股(IPO)之际,在新加坡参加了由高盛(Goldman Sachs)主办的一次会议,会上,银行亚太区投资研究(asiapacic investment research)董事总经理(Julian Zhu)在会上说,该行xx月份曾呼吁中国大宗商品超级周期已经结束,表示,中国大宗商品超级周期将在3至xx年内结束。

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