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关于”申请职位“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Apply for a position。以下是关于申请职位专业英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Apply for a position

Temporary hotel receptionist a pleasant medium sized hotel in the centre of Cambdge seeks a cheerful young man to assist in the reception of expeenced but not necessaly pficient in a forei language hotel name wte an application letter to the hotel to apply for the position. The letter must include the following o points: why do you apply for an interview at the end of the letter, do not wte yo name, use "Li Li Li" instead I'm wting to apply for a position in today's Shanghai Daily. 2.

Reply to yo question at In today's Shanghai Daily, I applied for (3) the position in / thugh today's newspaper. I noticed yo advertisement, I know you are looking for (4) the position I want to apply for / considered to be in the recruitment / position / position / the recruitment position I just saw in (Orization); (1) my work expeence includes o months of part-time time work as a receptionist of R company, one year of Harper stationery company If my application is succesul, if you are interested in my application, I am willing (or willing) to attend a pvate interview; if yo requirements meet yo requirements, I will thank you very much for yo convenience (5) please give me a convenient reply when I am waiting for the interview.




In this part, you have to wte a composition according to the following Chinese outline. Nowadays, many college graduates apply for civil positions. Indeed, these positions are ideal in terms of employment secuty and respect for others.

Although there are and applicants, the populaty of civil servants does not necessaly mean that there are some side effects of civil servants. First of all, many students apply for this position for the wng reasons, some of them just apply for the reasons of fends Or becse their parents want them to enjoy the benefits and power they will bng in the fute. Second, too many job seekers are competing for such a limited position, becse most of the talent has gone to such positions.

For me, there is no interest in jobs that are important to social welfare but have low personal benefits. For me, college students should be ctious when deciding whether to apply for a civil position. On the one hand, they should not blindly follow others.

On the other hand, there are many ways of employment and self employment. So why just squeeze into a bus.





Job descption Raleigh office recruitment assistant the candidate will assist the hing director in performing his duties, including but not limited to maintaining a national database, leading induction training for new employees, and identifying potential employees who must be pficient in MS Office and peopleclick sofare this position requires a high degree of pfessionali and attention to detail. All applicants for U.S. vacancies must be thozed to work in the United States.

All applicants for Canadian vacancies must be thozed to work in Canada: peopleclick sofare is pficient in MS The office team is the global leader in pfessional executive staffing, offeng opportunities ranging fm istrative assistants to office s and receptionists. We have the resoces, expeence and expertise to choose companies and temporary or full-time positions that meet yo skills and career goals. We pvide industry-leading training, benefits and compensation.

Contact yo local office team, or Office team is an equal opportunity employer.


职位描述罗利公司办公室招聘该候选人将主要协助招聘主管履行职责,包括但不限于全国数据库,新员工入职培训,以及识别潜在员工个人必须精通MS Office和Peopleclick软件此职位要求高度专业化和对细节高度关注所有申请职位空缺申请人必须获得授权在工作所有申请加拿大职位空缺申请人必须授权在加拿大工作资格:Peopleclick软件精通MS Office办公团队是全球专业行政人员配置者,提供从行政到办公室经理和接待员工作机会,我们拥有资源,经验和专业知识选择符合您技能和职业目标公司和临时或全职职位我们提供行业最先进培训、福利和薪酬待遇联系您当地办公室团队,或致电了解更多有关此工作OfficeTeam是一个机会均等雇主。

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