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关于”一篇中国故事“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:A Chinese story。以下是关于一篇中国故事的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A Chinese story

The development and structure of English language by Otto Jesperson and the historical principle of modern grammar, Joseph Conrad, should regard the ignorant and forgotten portrait artist of William Somerset maumar Virginia Woolf and Orlando hams Joyce dublinsa as a young craftsman. Finnegan awakened Chinese English, Latin, French, observation Chinese writer Nova Tasko wartime Chinese writer rokotov Jack Belden Hugh Deane uses English idiomatic expressions in Bloomury mass media magazine.


奥托·杰斯珀森英语语言的发展和结构现代语法的历史原则约瑟夫·康拉德,应该把山村书社的无知和被遗忘的·萨默塞特·毛马尔·维吉尼亚·伍尔夫,奥兰多哈姆斯·乔伊斯·杜布林萨肖像艺术家作为一个年轻的手工艺芬尼根唤醒了中国英语,拉丁语法语,观察者米尔斯基中国文学中国人彼得·埃尔斯托(Peter Elstob)在伦敦杂志上刊登了完整的英语语法领域语法阅读短语模式中国作家Nova TaskoWartime中国故事国际文学家Rokotov Jack BeldenHugh Deane惯用英语Bloomurymass媒体杂志Cyril Connolly普通话“惯用中文”。


"Jingwei rection bird" once upon a time, when the youngest daughter of Emperor Yan, the ruler of ancient Chinese legend, was on a boat trip in the eastern sea, when the ship capsized before being buried by the surging waves, her spirit became a beautiful bird. It flew in the roaring sea and cried sadly in the voice of "Jingwei, Jingwei". This is why people call it "Jingwei".

This bird lives on a mountain by the sea. It hates the sea very much. It decides to fill it up every day.

It flies back and forth between the mountains and the sea. One day, the roaring sea brings a branch or a small stone from the mountain and throws it into the sea. It says to Jingwei, "poor bird, don't do those meaningless things.

You never will." It'll fill me up. " Jingwei replied, "I will fill you up, I will. Even if it will take me thousands of years, I will fight to the end of the world.

The brave bird kept on coming out of the fable with twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the East China Sea. The idiom "Jingwei rection" is used to describe those who are determined and never stop to achieve their goals.





The art of telling Chinese stories in English is full of values and perspectives of different cultures. However, English is often praised for its directness. There may be the biggest gap between it and the symbolic features of our mother tongue.

Therefore, with this saying, translation is treason, and being given the task of telling Chinese stories in English, I can not help but ask the process of translation, even if it is Whether it is futile to accomplish through empathy and tolerance of the author's personality, so the translated works are futile. This is the friction between our traditional culture and modern popular culture. Therefore, I believe that only by re creating the voice of translators and creating new works can the literature and literature of Chinese history be understood by other countries in the world, because Our language and intonation are far from each other.

However, with regard to modern media or news, accurate translation is much easier. Due to globalization, the gap between us and the rest of the world, if not completely eliminated. Although western media and our own reports are denied by Western media, the stories they report still have many different stereotypes, so the answer is very good Obviously, to tell our own stories in English, first of all, we have to overcome our prejudice against them through our own understanding, so that we can overcome their prejudice against our culture.

Listening to our stories, they were once reluctant to care.



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