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关于”手机用处“英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:The use of mobile phones。以下是关于手机用处雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The use of mobile phones

A mobile phone is an electnic device used for full duplex o-way radio communication over a cellular neork called a cellular site. Unlike cordless phones, cordless phones pvide telephone s within a limited range only thugh a single base station connected to a fixed land line, such as at home or office Lowend phones are often referred to as feate phones, while high-end mobile phones that pvide advanced computing power are called art phones. Mobile phones allow their users to make and receive calls beeen public phone neorks, including other mobile and fixed line phones aund the world, by connecting to cellular neorks owned by mobile phones.

A key feate of neork s' cellular neorks is that n when users move acss wide areas thugh a pcess called "handover" or "handover." It can also realize seamless telephone call. In addition to being a phone, modern mobile phones also support many additional s and accessoes, such as S (or text) messages, e-mail, Internet access, s, Bluetooth, infrared, camera, MMS, MP3 player, radio and S Cooper) demonstrated the use of the first handset. In this year, 1 million people aund the world used 2 kg mobile phones.

In a few years, the number of mobile phone users reached that number. The number of mobile phone users in the world reached about one billion, which is ice that number.


移动电话是一种电子设备,用于通过称为蜂窝站点蜂窝网络进行全双工双向无线电通信移动电话与无绳电话不同,无绳电话仅通过连接到固定陆地线路单个基站在有限范围内提供电话服务,例如在家庭或office Lowend手机通常被称为能手机,而提供更高级计算能力高端移动电话被称为智能电话。移动电话允许其用户在公共电话网络(包括世界各地其他移动电话和固定电话)之间拨打和接听电话,它通过连接到移动电话拥有蜂窝网络来实现这一点网络商蜂窝网络一个关键特征是,即使用户通过一种称为“切换”或“切换”过程在广域内移动时也能实现无缝电话呼叫。现代移动电话除了作为电话外,还支持许多附加服务和附件,如短(或文)、电子邮件,互联网接入、游戏、蓝牙、红外、摄像头、彩信、MP3播放器、收音机和S摩托罗拉公司马丁·库珀(Martin Cooper)演示了第一部手持手机使用情况,在这xx年里,全世界有100万人使用了重达2公斤手机,而到了几年后,手机用户数量就达到了这个数字全世界达到了大约十亿,是这个数字倍。


Mobile phone (also known as mobile phone and handset) is a kind of telephone that can make and receive calls thugh wireless link, and move in a wide geographical area. It achis this by connecting to cellular neork pvided by mobile phone . In contrast, it allows access to public telephone neork, and cordless telephone is only used in short distance of a single dedicated base station 。 In addition to phones, modern mobile phones also support a vaety of other s, such as S, MMS, e-mail, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth business applications, s and photography that pvide these and general computing power) are called art phones.

The first handset was demonstrated by Dr. John Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper of Motola They used a mobile phone weighing about a pound (in dynatac x, it's the first commercial mobile phone in business fm to.

Global mobile phone users grew fm one million to than one billion, penetrated into the global population, and reached the bottom of the economic pyramid.


移动电话(也称为移动电话和手持电话)是一种可以通过无线链路拨打和接收电话电话,同时在广阔地理区域内移动,它通过连接到移动电话商提供蜂窝网络来实现这一点,相比之下,允许接入公共电话网络,无绳电话仅在单个专用基站短距离内使用。除了电话之外,现代移动电话还支持多种其他服务,如短信、彩信、电子邮件、互联网接入、短程无线通信(红外、蓝牙业务应用,提供这些和更一般计算能力游戏和摄影移动电话被称为智能手机第一个手持手机是由摩托罗拉约翰米切尔和马丁库珀博士演示,他们使用了一个重约磅(在DynaTAC x中等于公斤)手机是从年到年第一个商用全球范围内手机用户从百万增长到超过十亿,渗透到全球人口中,并到达了经济金字塔底部。


Mobile phones have revolutionized modern communication, giving consumers and users the power. The emergence, acceptance and diffusion of mobile phones pvide opportunities and ways for democratization for millions of people. Howr, like many consumer technolo applications, mobile phones have their own unique disadvantages and advantages.

Wireless communication is the grea advantage that mobile phones pvide thugh voice, text, and n The ability of e-mail to communicate can be realized anywhere. Whenr it is possible to interact with people in a wide geographical area, mobile phones can be used to send out alerts or early warnings of vaous emergencies, such as medical emergencies, weather related disasters, accidents and cme industes, and businesses and entreprenes make use of art phones and other high-ll technologies New Age tools and application based feates for technolo mobile phones. Disadvantages include: limited attention to other activities and tasks while constantly chatting on a cell phone; dangeus dving while talking; and slave communication devices that become crutches of this wireless device.

Despite many conflicting studies on the negative health effects of constant use of mobile phones, male infertility, the effects of micwave radiation on the brain, and sleep in preterm infants and adolescents Irregular patterns have become some of the major health pblems associated with mobile phone use.



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