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关于”怎样建立自己信用“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:How to establish yo own credit。以下是关于怎样建立自己信用四级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How to establish yo own credit

Looking for a job has always been a pblem for college students. Although many graduates get employed after graduation, some of them are not the most seous. Some n don't know where to work for a long time after graduation.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. A few years ago, colleges and universities recruited students fm many popular majors, such as economi and finance. On the other hand, the number of graduates far exceeds the demand.

Most graduates prefer to stay in big cities, without suitable jobs, rather than go to the countryside. I think this pblem can be solved. If colleges and students take meases, first of all, they should study the and dlop special skills to meet its needs.

Second, students' employment attitude should be changed. They should go to all cities and ral areas. They can also give full play to their pfessional knowledge.

If we pay attention to it, the situation can be impved.




Note: wte a composition entitled "Establishing College Students' credit ". You should wte at least one word according to the Chinese outline below to establish a college student credit . In order to psue famous brand pducts, luxy and enjoyment, some college students are used to overdraft credit cards.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a credit to prnt the occrence of breach of contract. It is not only necessary but also comprehensive to establish the credit of college students. For all the behaviors of students in business, such as loans, loans, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards A complete credit must explain the establishment of a student's responsibility and power in his business behavior.

For college students, the credit will strenen their belief consciousness and guide them to become a person who is consistent with their words and deeds. It also s to guide students to spend reasonably. In the long run, luxy is very important.





Today's neork dlopers need to have a though understanding of how to build a business website. For customers and online stores, one of the most mysteous areas is to establish a credit card business account that supports the neork. The gold rush of e-commerce has spawned a large gup of pickpocket hawkers.

If you search for credit card information, you will find page after page of clothing, all of which are pvided to Yo credit card scenao is immediate and cheap - all they try to make the pcess of getting a merchant account sound very difficult and complicated (if you buy their pducts, of cose, it becomes easy, I'm sorry to say that a lot of them are unstable, dark, or scams. What do you really need to make credit card transactions on a website and how do you find one A well-known bank, understanding the Internet.



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