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关于”正直意义“英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The meaning of integty。以下是关于正直意义四级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The meaning of integty

How to eliminate the phenomenon of cheating on campus is no longer to listen carefully in class and study hard after class. Many students take vaous dishonest means to get high marks in the examination. How to eliminate this seous pblem has sed the concern of the whole society.

First of all, the school should clearly stipulate that in the examination, any cheating, fm whispeng, plagia, receiving answers by mobile phone to asking for will Be srely punished, and o young teachers and students should, at least, set an example for o fute with honest behavior, and we should regard honesty as a prerequisite for an honest and responsible citizen, so as to learn to despise and crack down on dishonesty in the whole society. Only when all of us are involved in the efforts to eliminate frd can we expect to live a meaningful life until we are free fm any kind of deception and hope for a cleaner society and a better fute. All this is over.

Without exception, we should set a good example and act honestly. This is the requirement of virtue.




Integty what is integty? Integty is the quality of honesty. It is a virtue for ryone. Without integty, integty will be loved by ryone, and he will lose his best fend.

Honesty is especially important to students. We should finish homework independently. We must retn books when they are due.

We should listen to teachers carefully. No matter what kind of class it is, if we pmise to do something, I will We should try o best to do well.




Mihaoa1i + wpiumg + awh + + 8muekvus8mumjjuwwwwfw + = fm the above cartoon, we can see that a man is apologizing to another man and voluntaly confessing that he has damaged another man's car. What this picte wants to convey is a social morality of honesty which has attracted much attention in o society It is an ancient virtue of the Chinese nation. But in fact, some of us are dishonest.

For example, in order to make huge pfits, some businesen make or sell fake and shoddy goods at the expense of consumers' interests. In order to impve the dience rating, the media can sell sensational stoes or distort news to attract the public's attention It is not difficult to find such cases in entertainment and other fields. It is obvious that if frd is allowed to continue and live in o society, people will suffer bee of the dishonesty and deception yzed above, instead of enjoying the civilization and happiness of modern society.

The crent situation must be changed to benefit ry country. The meases to deal with the credit is should be taken by the government, and the most important is that With the joint efforts of the media to pmote integty, laws must be established to srely punish those social morality and social pblems who behave unfairly in terms of public credibility. Money worship belief moral integty / integty / credibility code of conduct bad behavior key indicators education campai awareness social ethi public morality humanitaan spit respect human ghts social morality construction lack of public morality The psuit of economic interests to meet the mateal siificance of social morality enthusiastic people less people volunteer spitual volunteers thoughtful social phenomenon psychological counseling donating money to let the weak respect the old and love the young eager for success swindle fake and shoddy commodities academic frd moral corruption harm to social civilization.



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