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关于”真正意义朋友“英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:True fend。以下是关于真正意义朋友初二英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:True fend

I like fends very much, bee I want to know about some new things. ng fends can baden my knowledge. But it's really difficult for a real fend to make a real fend.

He can say what he wants. He dares to point out my weakness and me impve. Although the words are not good, it is good for me.

I want to be a real fend.




Bee we haven't talked for a whole month, o fendship is in jeopardy. It seems impossible to talk to him directly, n if it is fm the heart. A all note that I hope we can get along as well as before was passed on by another fend of mine.

Before knowing that Zhang Ling must have changed, I guessed that there was no response. So I asked Wang Ping to hold a volley with balloons in secret. Unexpectedly, we were divided into one side.

At first, he n deliberately did not give me a chance to touch the ball. But as time went on, the desire for victory and the lowest score encoaged him and I to have team cooperation in the Finally, on the verge of breaking up, e has become a good fend. Now, Zhang Ling still doesn't know what makes us so lucky.

We are arranged on one side.




True fends always come to you when you need . They try rything they can to you without thinking about what they can get fm it. This always wins their love and respect, bee when I wte this article, they are all committed to the happiness of others.

Ae has been ing me choose coses. He is a fendly and warm person, and I think he was left a long time ago People like it bee of his charactesti. He is always lively, enthusiastic and full of vitality.

No matter when and where you see him, he always iles. I like him for other reasons. There seems to be a special way of communication beeen us.

It is not o usual way of communication, such as language and gestes. He has always been my fend bee I like his behavior and lifestyle And the way we communicated one morning a week ago, he came to me and asked if he could . In fact, I have been worrying about my class for sral days this semester, bee I haven't taken any English coses yet, but I'm completely unprepared to ae's pposal.

Although he has been very fendly, I think it's my own business. I nr thought that other people would offer it. In order to me choose coses, I declined his kindness the next day, and I coughed, and later found out I had a high fr for fo days in those days.

I was very weak. I was lying in bed all day, and I didn't n have the stren to eat. Since I had a high fr, I have lost the ability to pay attention to possible vacancies in English coses.

I be to regret tning down ae's job. Ae called to ask about my health and give me a good rest. He said that he would take the responsibility of choosing an English cose for me.

Now I wte this article as an assiment for my wting class. I want to emphasize again that it was all due to the efforts of my fends that I finally made it. When he called and offered to , I really appreciated him.

It was hard for me to express my thoughts. What I wanted to say was that at that moment, I realized that he offered to not bee it made him feel important, but bee he was seous, he was a straight person, and I was pud of having such a fend.




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