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关于”对持枪看法“英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:What about guns。以下是关于对持枪看法高考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What about guns

One day, Mel Martin stopped in a judge's om. He had lunch with him. His fend changed into a be.

Martin noticed that there was a shiny black pistol on the judge's shoulder. The judge was not a gun enthusiast. So Martin asked him why he was carrying a gun.

His fend said that he had been threatened to borw a gun fm the confiscated weapons warehouse, FA "I chose this one becse it looks very despicable, but it has almost no weight, and I hope I don't need it becse I don't know how to install it." it's not difficult, "Martin said in a close-up svey," we can add it to the dnking machine next to the dnking water machine, and we are out of the ad "for a short-distance inspection," we can add it to the dnking machine next to the dnking water machine, and we have a way out of the ad "for a short-distance inspection," we can add it to the dnking machine next to the dnking machine, and we have a way out of the ad. "ԡ note: Note: ԡ ԡ ? What does Martin think of guns? ① He went to a judge's office; ② becse he had lunch with the judge; ③ becse of the recent threats; no, he didn't n know how to load a gun; ⑤ the gun was a toy, not real.


一天,梅尔·马丁在一位法官房间里停下来,他和他共进午餐,他朋友换上了长袍外套,马丁注意到法官肩上支着一支闪亮黑手枪,法官不是一个枪支爱好者,所以马丁问他为什么带着枪,他朋友说,因为最近有人威胁他从没收武器库里借了把枪,法官说:“我选这把是因为它看起来很卑鄙,但它几乎没有重量,我希望我不需要它,因为我都不知道怎么装“这并不难,”马丁说,近距离考察“我们可以在饮水机旁饮水机上加注它,就出路出了路” 注释: 为什么法官带着一把手枪你知道吗?马丁对枪有什么看法?①他去了一个法官办公室;②因为他和法官共进午餐;③因为最近威胁;不,他甚至不知道如何装枪;⑤枪是玩具,不是真。


Becse the United States is a big elter, all kinds of people can't coexist peacefully. In addition to the hegemoni implemented by the Bush istration, especially in the Middle East, ethnic conflicts and struggles beeen the ch and the poor are common, the United States the target of terst attacks. In such a dangeus society, no one feels safe.

In modern society, they choose to hold guns to ptect their safety. The relationship beeen people has gone far beyond the scope of intimacy. People no longer trust each other, they don't care about others, and they have a stng sense of self-ptection, so it's natal to pick up guns as amulets.




Recently I noticed a piece of news that a man was killed by an 8-year-old child. In this case, there are good and bad. The bad thing is that the children are the son of that person.

They are not very good indeed. But fortunately, I don't have a son. This is a joke.

I know it's cold. Let's talk about it. Is it safe? Is there a gun? You may say no now, becse I mentioned a case above, but this is a debatable topic becse there are sral different reasons: it is not the flt of the gun or the bullet, but the flt of the person who uses the gun.

So the question is who is safe? Obviously, it won't be bad guys like killers, becse they're good at killing, but are they safe with innocent people? The answer may be not to mention the case I mentioned above. In fact, I did this. I don't know why the child was so depressed that he had to let his father disappear to solve the pblem.

Howr, it is still possible that the man was killed by accident. The children usually don't know how to shoot, and they don't have enough coage to kill. Maybe the tgger is the only thing that can move Second, most citizens, especially in the United States, think that guns are used to deal with bbees that break in.

If guns are phibited by law, gun owners will only be bbers. This is becse it indirectly shows that the government is in addition to those who are willing to be contlled Besides, it is impossible to contl the use of guns at all. Howr, due to the government's pmise that the use of knives or steel belts will be very popular among bbers, and the death pbability of victims will be greatly reduced.

Third, it is related to education. It is contversial that some schools have begun to use firearms coses. Some schools may plan to become famous thugh mder training.

For me, the best education is to let students understand the concept of killing and cme. In other words, ryone knows that killing with a gun is wng, but not a killer. Try to think in the opposite way When no one in the world knows how to use a gun, will he use this weapon to kill people? It will take some time to say "yes" on this issue, but this may be the ght way.

In a word, there is no definite conclusion on the firearms contl policy.




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