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关于”积极的人生态度“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Positive attitude towards life。以下是关于积极的人生态度的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Positive attitude towards life

Attitude towards life we have a saying called the creation of fate and character. Therefore, attitude, character and character are all attitudes and destiny. Therefore, if the attitude is correct, destiny will naturally develop in the right direction.

This is logical, but how to set up the attitude towards life is more complicated. More likely, it is not so and just to choose one A single choice can end with the end of life. The estimation of life assumes a paragraph, for example, the needs and attitudes of life a few years ago and a few years later are not the same.

When you grow to the age of, you will become acceptable and different from the environment. When you are old enough, you must live in another world. Therefore, you must be different at each stage The degree of growth, and learning different environments, needs and responsibilities, or in other words, it also means different stages, there will be different attitudes towards life, will make the necessary adjustments, in the face of their own healthy life, basically should cultivate themselves, maintain the following principles can: = = open mind to learn good interpersonal relationships, keep healthy body, see the future ahead Jing, if you can have more attitude, I dare say you are the happiest person in the world today.

We are young. We will never complain. We will face life with a more positive attitude.




Recently, I watched an impressive film "treasure", which tells the growing up experience of a rather fat black girl, a girl living in Harlem District, cherishing Jones. The film reveals the poor and miserable life in Harlem, but at the same time, it encourages people to take a positive and optimistic attitude towards it, no matter how difficult it is. Ipris is is too poorly educated to read and write formally.

To make matters worse, she was often disturbed by her grumpy mother, ually assaulted by her stepfather, and had two children before the age of 17, because she was involved in the situation: http://wwwadreepcn/dxyy/html.




In our daily life, people often do different things: some people can have a happy life no matter what happens, but some people are easily upset and even commit , which obviously leads them to do different things. The answer is that their attitude towards life is different. Their attitude towards life can be divided into positive and negative, which will lead to positive and negative behaviors, There are many advantages in a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is good for our health. Positive people usually live a happy life, as the saying goes: laugh and be young. A survey shows that people with a positive attitude live 10 years longer than those with a negative attitude.

A positive attitude can lead to success. As we all know, most succesul people are positive, such as Zhang Haidi. Please imagine if she is negative after paralysis, will she have such great achievements? I think the answer is no, so positive is a very important thing for us How can we first cultivate a positive attitude towards life and maintain a good mood in life, because most negative people are like this.

They are often in a bad mood, and those in a good mood will not hurt themselves or others. Second, ask your friends to help you. As the saying goes, a happy person shares two joys, and a troublesome share turns into half trouble sharing and Your friends together, they will help you not to do wrong and positive.

Third, divert your attention. When you are negative, such as reading interesting books and playing basketball, you will forget those things that make you negative. It is easy to become positive.

A positive attitude to life is good for us. We should cultivate a positive attitude towards life so that we can live Live a happy life.



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