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关于”我对生实践看法“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My views on life practice。以下是关于我对生实践看法六级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My views on life practice

Three years of high school campus life is an important tning point in my life. In September this year, I was admitted into the middle school with excellent results in XX. I have been constantly challenging myself, enching myself, and laying a solid foundation for realizing the value of life.

I have always belid that people should learn my knowledge all their life. I am se that I am pfessional and meticulous. Every academic year, there are third-class scholarships.

I am not satiied with the knowledge learned fm books, but also pay attention to comr application sofare and hardware. Learni once devoted himself to typesetting, page art and multimedia pduction. He became a member of the orization and joined the school student publicity One year, I was pmoted by the Minister of each department.

Ding my term of office, I focused on working together with students fm other departments and schools. The completion of excellent publicity work pmoted the ooth operation of vaous schools. At the same time, all activities of the school actively participated in the citizen guessing con and the first pze of the school newspaper in the school year fm XXX to XXX The newspaper office enthusiastically participated in the speech con of XX school in XXX with the activity of the first grade school.

The students who were awarded the first pze also focused on the practical skills required by social practice and gave play to the practical theory. The examinee who is good at comr technolo is the school website istrator, and the students and teachers who have done a lot of excellent works Likai has a good tradition of loving the motherland, positive attitude towards life, wide range of interests and hobbies, stng sense of responsibility, diligence and steadiness, stng orizational ability, stng ppada ability, and certain artistic cultivation cells and creativity, team spit and collective concept.




I am a student majong in English education in the school of forei language education of XX Vocational College. After five years of study and training, I will finish my studies in June next year. I will really enter the society and start the joney of life in the new peod.

Under the guidance of the school leaders and teachers, I have made great efforts to learn pfessional knowledge and pfessional skills training, and my pfessional ll has been impved year by year. I am basically free to use English as a basic I cover linguisti as the basis of listening, speaking, reading and wting. While summazing the adjustment of Btish and Amecan literate and the knowledge structe of Btish and Amecan literate, the expansion of vision has made people at the tn of the centy pose sre challenges to teachers.

I have learned far-reaching educational theoes at home and abad, especially focusing on the cultivation of practical ability In addition to the activities of the hospital and the school, I actively engaged in social practice. Thugh training, I applied theory to practice, and summazed and dloped corresponding teaching methods according to the characi of students, and initially accumulated teaching expeence. In this year's teaching practice, I was able to display outstanding special tasks, completed my own practice training, and achid excellent results in the school We won o comr cosewares in the competition and got the second one third good result.

Fo years of college life has tght me how to be calm and resolute, so that I can find my own coordinate position in my life and constantly repair myself. At the same time, I deeply realize that ryone I need needs to do rything with heart. Therefore, I sincerely hope to join you, an excellent and energetic gup, in you Under the guidance and of, together in the life of the ad forward.




Success is determined by practice. One day in the forest, you are a violent salamander. When he discovers the lesson of storm salamander, the zigzag lizard vows to defeat the storm salamander, so zigzag practice knocks down ry tree, and then he succeeds not by practice, but by thick skin.

Success lies in practice.



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