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关于”古希腊神话中“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:In ancient Greek mythology。以下是关于古希腊神话中的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:In ancient Greek mythology

Life in Cuba is full of sadness and sadness. She witnessed the killing and insulting of her eldest son Hector by Achilles, her son potis being killed by Pyrrhus in front of her, and her huand's cruel slaughter of the elderly priyam to the family altar. After the fall of Troy, she was brought into slavery.

Unfortunately, she witnessed her daughter Boris nach being sacrificed in the tomb of Achilles. Unfortunately, she saw the body of her young estesenpolus washed ashore and entrusted to King Thrace. Her 50 children died, and she became the queen of grief, and she had no other woman to be crowned.

But in her agony and despair, she summoned up the courage to avenge her son king Thrace, who had murdered her son for his gold. Later, Dionysus sad predicted that she would become a dog with bloodshot eyes and could not bear new pain. She jumped into Tessia and ended her unfortunate life..






Label: Cupid, Cupid, Cupid. Ares, the son of Aphrodite, had a place among the little gods of Olympus. He is portrayed as a naked little boy with shining wings, carrying bows and arrows wherever he goes.

Shooting an exciting arrow in the evil, arousing the passion of love, and providing the power of life and reproduction for nature. Lovely God has two kinds of arrows, one is the arrow with golden head, which is used to speed up the pulse of love, and the other is used to paralyze love. But she had a torch to light people's hearts.

Although sometimes he was blindfolded, neither man nor godzeus could escape his evil. Once, the naughty god was wounded by his own arrow. This passionate love was awakened in his heart, because he ignored the constant interference of his mother and summoned up the courage to seek justice from Zeus.

Another famous novel in which Eros plays an important role is the adventures of agonath. King aetersworth is wounded by Eros arostok Jason and finally becomes the hero's wife..






The fire of etiquette originates from ancient Greek myths and legends. In order to save the hungry and cold human beings, the truth of ancient Greece stealing the fire belt from Zeus was concealed from the world before each Olympic Games. After the establishment of modern Olympic Games, people must light the flame in front of Hera Temple.

When the flame ignites, the transmission of the Olympic flame is announced with the end of the Olympic Games At the end of the festival, the flame of the Olympic Games will also be put out. The first torch relay started at the Berlin Olympic Games.



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