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关于”有关生考试“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:About student examination。以下是关于有关生考试的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About student examination

Recently, I did a survey on whether the model test of senior three should be difficult or easy. On this issue, some students think that difficult examinations are as difficult as challenges. Top students can help students find out their weaknesses in learning and improve their learning methods.

If the exam is difficult, they may feel depressed and afraid of the coming college entrance examination. Through a test, they can get high marks. It is not too difficult or too easy to gain self-confidence, because if it is too easy, the teacher will not know how our learning progress is, but if it is too difficult, we will easily lose confidence because of the challenge of a better exam.





As for the necessity of examination, there is a heated discussion among the public. Those who believe in the necessity of examination may first have the following arguments: examination helps to distinguish the fittest students, and the examination can stimulate students to study harder -- Take Xiao Wang, a student of Hebei Normal University, as an example. His previous English level was very poor, but under the pressure of the College English examination, he was not good at English He has made great progress and can't speak English fluently.

In contrast, some people think that examinations may produce a series of problems. In terms of negative effects, they think that examinations can not always faithfully reflect one's academic performance. They believe that too many students may be misled and neglect the improvement of practical ability.

The examples of high scores but poor abilities are often cited by different media. Just as any coin has two sides, the problem is not The exceptional students should have a correct attitude to study and balance the examination and practical ability.




When we entered primary school, we began to study hard, hoping to pass the exam. There is no doubt that examination has become a part of students' life, because the examination is so important to us, we must take a correct attitude towards it. Is it harmful or useful? Is it useful? There is a heated debate about the advantages and disadvantages of examination? I think the examination is useful rather than harmful.

The ultimate goal of any education is to spread knowledge rather than pass examination. Overemphasizing the importance of examination may undermine this purpose. If students cram for a week or two before the exam and don't really learn anything, this kind of education will undoubtedly fail to play its role.

Undeniably, examination is a useful means to measure students' academic performance, which may not accurately reflect students' y of a certain subject, but it does After all, we live in a competitive world. Schools have the obligation to instill a sense of competition to students. The advantages of the examination outweigh the disadvantages.

However, students should not study just to pass the exam. They should take the acquisition of knowledge as the ultimate goal of learning words Some people think that the excessive competition caused by examinations may hurt students. The implementation of the examination is beneficial.

For the following two reasons, I suggest that the examination should only make up for a part of students' evaluation of attendance. Besides knowledge test, participation and homework should also consider some key points. The examination also tests students' performance under pressure.




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