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Some time ago, I watched a movie called "crazy pmitive man". The betiful story is like this: in the pmitive forest, there is a ggling elder bther, father, mother, Wujia, grandmother, dghter little Yi, and elder bther tank. They are father's refuge, eat the same food, listen to the same story at night, and live the same life ry day, but he doesn't like this kind of life It's like a day when she doesn't like the world outside.

When a person is bued, he tells guage a that the end of the world is coming, and he has to leave them. Fm then on, guage and gege started a life of advente. The cover came up with many good ideas to you get thugh the difficulties.

So the family be to trust the cover, did not trust the father, bther melon was not convinced, He came up with a lot of wng ideas to attract his family to trust him, but the result was contrary to his own wishes. Gai told guage that life needs to use brain method to think, solve pblems, and let his family sit up. He noticed that finally he arved and told them to chase after Gai.

Guage forced my family to the opposite safe mountain, while he had been staying on the lonely mountain He was saved. Maybe God was moved by his kindness and let him escape the catastphe. With the of tiger and man eating bird, guage got together in the sun after the rain.

After challenge, they finally lived a happy life on an island full of vitality. After watching the video, I was moved by his bther. He thought of his child and was in danger, not so much fm himself No matter what difficulties we encounter, the we can solve them, the we can solve them.




Eep is a girl in a Neanderthal family who lived and ted in prehistoc times. She talks about how her family svived nearby, mainly becse of her father's stct rules of over ptection. Grug nr allowed exploration.

This angered the bored and adventous eep. When the family went to sleep after dark, she iored her father's advice and left the cave, When she saw a beam of light moving outside the cave, looking for light, she met guy, a clr chonon cavebo, who was fascinated by the fire he was trying to and eager to learn . He told her that his theory that the world was reaching its' end 'and asked her to join him, she refused, and guy left, but after giving her a loud shell to call him, and soon after she felt she needed , up was cght by Gru, and he took IP home, planning to let her spend the rest of her life in the cave, and then there was an earthquake, and ryone ran to the cave Go, the cave was stopped by Grug just before it was destyed by falling cks.

When they met the colorful animals, they found a new life in the forest.




Guy: it's called the brain, and I think that's where the ideas come fm. Dad, I don't have a brain. "My name is eep, and this is my family, becse of my dad's rule, we nr have a chance to explore the outside world: Er: nr leave the cave.

Glug: the new is always bad. Nr be afraid of EEP: we nr have a chance to explore the outside world, but we don't know o world is about to change" [grandma ted Eat the belt, sloth, but the belt points the knife at Granger: come on, he's not food, he's a pet, my pet Grandma: what's a pet man: animals you don't eat Gran: we call those kids eep: (infatuated with guy) isn't it fun for us to travel together for the first time "Gru: think about it, o whole family, on the long, slow joney acss the country, and we're going to tell stoes and lgh and we're going to be a family [kid sandy, bite Gru's face." Gru: Oh, let her get out of UGA: if you're not ready to challenge her, don't look at her. Milk: can you put yo big arms on yo side of the path? Grug: you want me to put this Is the family tning aund? Becse I'm going to make this family change quickly? I have to go.

You can hold it. Granny: I won't die of starvation. I've been in that cave for three days, not forr, but with this family.

We're ready to leave mom. Grandma: still alive. Grug: it's still early.

Grug: the idea is for the weak. Guy: you Who is it, eep Guy: let me make it clear that the world is coming to an end eep: Who: I'm 'over' "guy: I'm guy eep: Guy: This is the girdle guy: chef, talker, navigator guy: let me get my pants up too eep: what do pants look like?" "guy: belt, gent thought generator activated" "grunt: nr be afraid." "tk: you need a name, me I think I'll tell you Douglas to ll Douglas.


盖伊:这叫大脑,我想这就是想法来源。,我没有大脑“我名字叫Eep,这是我家人,因为我一条规矩,我们从来没有机会去探索外面世界:呃:永远不要离开洞格鲁格:新总是坏永远不要害怕Eep:我们从来没有机会探索外面世界,但是我们不知道我们世界即将改变“[奶奶试着吃皮带,树懒,但是皮带把刀子对准了格兰盖伊:别这样,他不是食物,他是宠物,我宠物奶奶:什么是宠物人:你不吃动物格兰:我们把那些孩子叫做Eep:(与盖伊一起迷恋)我们第一次一起旅行不是很有趣吗?”“格鲁:想想看,我们全家一起在漫长而缓慢全国旅行中,我们会讲故事笑我们会成为一家人[孩子桑迪,咬格鲁脸格鲁:啊,让她离开乌加:如果你还没准备好她,那就不要直视她奶奶:你能不能把你大胳膊放在你这边小径上格鲁格:你想让我把这个家庭扭转过来吗?因为我会让这个家庭迅速转变过来吗,我得走了,你可以抱着它,奶奶:我不会饿着肚子,我已经在那个山洞里呆了三天不是永远,而是和这个家庭在一起,我们准备离开了奶奶:还活着格鲁格:现在还早”“格鲁:想法是为弱者准备”“盖伊:你是谁啊Eep Guy:让我澄清一下,世界正在终结Eep:什么人:我叫'结束''“家伙:我是盖伊Eep:家伙:这是腰带家伙:厨师,健谈家,航海家盖伊:也让我裤子起来Eep:裤子是什么样子”“盖伊:皮带,紧急想法发生器激活”“咕噜:永远不要害怕”“Tk:你需要一个名字,我想我会叫你道格拉斯翻道格拉斯”eepeeepeepeepguy CookEEP。

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