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关于”冼星海“英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Xian Xinghai。以下是关于冼星海初二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Xian Xinghai

Xian Xinghai was born in Ma in June and died in Moscow in October. Xian Xinghai had a short life and a wting career of about years. He had dreds of songs as his first song (there are fo in the existing first chorus, including opera, Symphony suite, Rhapsody, violin, piano and other instrumental solo and To songs.

Compared with Xian Xinghai, the first very succesul composer in the history of modern Chinese music, his film music and Nie Er jointly constructed the Chinese film music Frame, his passionate emotions, distinctive national charactesti, composed a shocking world of music, is a favote musician of Chinese people, is the pioneer of Chinese film in the history of music.




In his short life, Xian Xinghai wte dreds of songs as the first one (existing chorus, opera, Symphony suite, Rhapsody, Violin and piano solo instrumental music, etc.) in his short life, Xian Xinghai d the most numeus multitudes, among which the most influential was the wide vaety of songs, which positively expressed the Chinese people's Anti Japanese war Struggle, using the appeal power, shows the "song of saving the nation" and "Youth March" in the form of March. The maificent picte of the fighting capacity of the people's war is concretely displayed in "defending Marco Polo Bdge" and "retning to the enemy". The descption combined with lyc or calling for action combines "in Taihang Mountain", "guerllas" and "counterattack war" to show the work In the working life of the peasants, they wte biting, rallying song, touching huand and o way with specific intonation and rhythm, and opened "there are women's and children's books wtten for the Anti Japanese War," not afraid of resistance "," the children of the motherland "and" women's March Song ".

In these songs, according to Xian Xinghai's view, different sound images are d Music personality charactesti, or with the rhythm of the impact, tall and straight, high and full of angular melody, passionate performance of the heic emotional momentum or bad melody breath, the rhythm of the steady ease of the lyc tone of Korean rhyme, reflecting the ch inner world of the revolutionary people.




-- I have a fend named Zhou Xinghai. His head looks like a shuttle, and the whole person looks like a little monkey. He is very nghty.

You can see that he is very nghty. If you are in yo class, you may hate him. At some time in January, people begin to be energetic.

Zhou Xinghai takes a piece of paper and slowly tears it into a all piece Square, a all piece of paper, the worst is me. When I sat in fnt of him, he put the paper on my head and kept saying: "snow, snow, snow" is over. When he saw the dance, he was overjoyed, just like in a disco.

Becse my class was lghing for me, the whole classom was lghing. He couldn't lghing. Teacher Liu beat us The classom was suddenly quiet, and the air seemed to coagulate.

Yes, none of the students had any voice. The teacher walked Zhou Xinghai to reform the students. She pulled the door and opened Zhou Xinghai to "invite" out.

But o clasate Zhou Xinghai has been faces at the door, one like a fox, another like a panda, some bold students in the class under the table“ "Shame on you" and Zhou Xinghai followed me to learn "Magic Baby" in a yell: "Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu." I'm tired of listening to it. This is his favote tck, so sometimes I can only play s with him. My clasates and I were in full swing.

He suddenly yelled, which scared my clasate's stia. Suddenly, I didn't know where I was, so I could only "OK" ”Playing his , this time my hand was in my ear, his ar, I screamed: "ah, what can I do? I just play the of bon Gallas. No wonder he was tranerred to o school, and teachers and young teachers also heard his name.

I sincerely hope that he will not be so nghty.



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