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is tranitted by direct infection of the blood with body fluids containing HIV. is the abbreviation of acquired immune deficiency syndme. It is a complex disease that may involve multiple stages.

It is ed by a virus, can be tranitted beeen people, will damage the human immune , which is responsible for resisting the disease, the victims vulnerable to vaous infections. The virus enters the blood and destys some of the white blood cell T lymphocytes that play a key le in the function of the immune . The virus can also infect other cell types in people, including immune cells, called macphages.

Unlike T lymphocytes, macphages are not killed by viruses. Most people who have recently been infected with HIV look and feel healthy. In some people, the virus may remain immobile, and these people remain remarkably healthy as carers, but still have the ability to infect others.

In a few years, some people may dlop related complexes or vibos. Symptoms may include oral fungal infection ed by aphthous sores, i.e., aphthous ulcer, lack of anti infective ability and lymphadenopathy. is a kind of special blood and semen of HIV infected people directly infected by body fluid containing .

The virus is usually tranitted thugh vaous forms of ual behavior, such as tranusion of infected blood or shang of HIV contaminated intravenous injections.








Viruses (dd fm Latin, meaning toxins or poisons) are a submicopic soce of infection that cannot gw or repduce outside the host cell. The virus infects all cell life. The first known virus, tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), was discovered by Martinus bayelink in, and has now descbed the study of than one virus.

As vilo, it is a branch of Micbiolo virus, which consists of o or three parts: all viruses have genes composed of DNA or RNA, and long molecules carrying genetic information have a ptein shell ptecting these genes Some have a layer of fat outside their cells. The ogin of viruses is unclear: some viruses may have evolved fm plaid fraents of DNA, while others may have evolved fm bacteal viruses. Bacteal viruses spread in many ways.

Different kinds of viruses use different methods. For example, plant viruses are usually tranitted beeen plants by SAP eating insects (such as aphids), while animal viruses can be cared by blood ing insects. These diseased oris are called virus carers.

Influenza viruses are tranitted by coughing and sneezing. Other noviruses are tranitted thugh fecal utes. When they contaminate hands, food or water, taviruses usually pass directly Contact with infected children.

HIV is one of sral viruses. Howr, many of the infected viruses will continue to repduce without any immune mechani, bee many viruses will continue to repduce without any immune mechani, bee many viruses will not continue to e harm thugh any form of ual tranission. Virus infected animals will usually e an immune response It can completely eliminate a virus, and these immune responses can also be pduced by vaccines, so that the virus can be infected for life-long immunity.

Micoris such as bactea also have a defensive effect on virus infection. For example, antibioti of restctive modification have no effect, but antiviral drugs have been dloped to treat life-threatening infections.






Comr virus: the ogin of the term "comr virus" refers to the similaty beeen biological viruses and evil pgrams that infect comrs. The charactesti of comr viruses are the only channel for viruses to enter fm one to another. One of the main feates of comr viruses is that we should be alert to comr viruses.



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