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关于”地球之友“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Friends of the earth。以下是关于地球之友的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Friends of the earth

The earth is our friend in the past. Our home is very beautiful, the air is very fresh, emerald and fish habitat can be seen everywhere. But today in the 21st century, the gate has been cut into us.

Today, the once peaceful and beautiful blue planet Earth has destroyed human beings: water pollution, when rivers dry up, some water becomes the "Black Sea" and "ink pot" empty Since the invention of plastics, human things, in order to facilitate the supply of human beings, fly like demons, like barren mountains and wild fields, factories and farms have tried in vain to swallow up the whole world, which makes people's hair chilling The case, evaded a shocking reality, a friend from his side, small start, jointly protect our home, I sincerely suggest you start from home, the household garbage classification bag, is rarely used or not phosphorus washing powder and green refrigerator, air conditioning, for our future generations to leave blue sky, blue water, green, red, let small animals return to their own Home, to make our home a bright "Pearl" in the universe, friends and friends all over the world, you must wake up from it, no matter what group you are, tightly hold your warm hand, caring hand, and give the hand of environmental protection and care to our home on earth.




The earth is our friend in the past, our home is very beautiful, the air is very fresh, emerald, fish habitat can be seen everywhere, but in the 21st century today, the gate has been our today, the past peaceful beautiful blue planet has destroyed mankind: water pollution, the main rivers of rivers have dried up, some water has become the "Black Sea" and "ink pot" empty Since the invention of plastic, human things, in order to facilitate the supply of human beings, fly like the devil like wild mountains, factories and farms have tried in vain to swallow up the whole world, a thoughtful case, and escape from action I sincerely suggest that you should start with your family, put your garbage in separate bags, use less or no phosphate washing powder, green refrigerator and air conditioner, and leave blue sky, blue water, green and red color for our children and grandchildren, so as to let the small animals return to their homes and make our homes become A shining "Pearl" in the universe, friends and friends all over the world, you should wake up from it, no matter what group you are, tightly hold your warm hand, caring hand, environmental protection hand, put it in our home, the earth.




Water pollution water pollution is caused by waste from factories and cities. The ocean can clean itself, but once some oceans get dirty, it can't do so. An example is the Mediterranean Sea, which is located between Europe and Africa.

It has only a narrow entrance. On the western Mediterranean coast, a quarter of them are polluted. It is no longer safe to swim because there are many diseases in the water in many places.

It is not safe to eat fish. By the same token, Lake Baikal in Asia used to be the cleanest Lake in the world and now has more than different kinds of plants and animals. However, the waters of this lake are also the deepest in the world.

(an oil tanker hit a reef on the northwest coast of Alaska, more than meters was contaminated by the waste of a chemical plant, and a ton of oil poured into the sea, which is one of the most serious accidents in history China Daily Dear editor, in some parts of our country, the air is filled with thick smoke, many mountains are deserted, rivers are polluted and people are almost surrounded by garbage. I strongly recommend that the government take effective measures to prevent this. First of all, more laws should be passed to protect environmental factories.

Second, smoke and toxic gases should be banned from the air. Second, more trees should be planted in the mountains every year. No one is allowed to cut down any trees or dump waste water into rivers.

Anyone who breaks the law should be punished. In addition, the public should realize that littering everywhere is a shame. Only when the whole society acts together, can people form good habits and protect the surrounding environment.

If the sky is blue, the mountains are green, and the rivers are clear, our home will become more beautiful and comfortable.





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