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关于”写海伦凯勒“英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:About Helen Keller。以下是关于写海伦凯勒专八英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About Helen Keller

Helen Keller "this article is really a touching story. I want to finish reading this article and enjoy a lot of benefits. This story tells the story of Helen, a blind, deaf and dumb Amecan wter and educator.

When Helen was one and a half years old, an unforeseen disaster made her lose people's instinct. Fm then on, young Helen and the living world were cut off Howr, she was not predestined, but under the guidance of her teacher, she learned to use her fingers to "gossip", and was familiar with five kinds of characters. When she was old, she would the interest rate college with excellent results.

Fm then on, she devoted all her ener to the blind people in the world, and was widely praised by the government and higher education institutions. She also cited the great achiments made by blind people People are spsed that if Helen succu to the unfortunate fate, she will become a poor, iorant and parasitic person, so that she will not bow down to face the fate, but with amazing explosive force and indomitable spit, human beings have made great contbutions, become a person with bad and pfound knowledge, and make people respected by people all over the world on the ad to complete their lives Her whole life is extraordinary. She gives people great encoagement and makes those who dally about time regret Helen's question.

She puts forward such a memory: "suppose yo eyes are blind tomorw, what do you need to see today". This makes me understand a pnciple: we healthy people should not hesitate and waste time. We should chesh this betiful day and chesh it A wonderful life.




"Nr lower yo head, always hold yo head high and look directly at the world" visit the Helen Keller children's Museum online to pvide photos, videos and letters to make Helen's extraordinary stoes come to life. Explore the photos and letters of the AFB's Helen Keller archives. You can visit the guide of Helen Keller archives online to learn about the collected documents, photos, cultal reli and dio-visual mateals The Amecan Foundation for the blind is taking part in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of his birth.

There is a website dedicated to his life and Hetage: www.wabborg/LouisBraille You can read Helen Keller at Sorbonne in Pas in June "Braille, the wand for the blind," she wte about the Braille and how she learned about Anne Sullivan Macy: the acle worker Helen Keller wte: "the most important day I remember in my life was the one my teacher, Anne Manield Sullivan, came to see me God. " Anne and Helen Keller worked together to become blind, blind or visually impaired children who still read Helen Keller's tobiography, the story of my life, wtten when she was only a few years old.


“永远不要低下你头,永远高举着头直视世界”访问海伦凯勒儿童博物馆在线,提供照片、和信件,让海伦非凡故事栩栩如生探索AFB海伦凯勒档案馆照片和信件,可以在线访问使用海伦凯勒档案馆指南来了解收藏文件、照片、文物和视听资料是·布莱叶诞辰200周年纪念,盲人基金会(Amecan Foundation for the Blind)正在参加这场庆祝活动,网站上有一个专门介绍他生平和遗产网站:www.wabborg/LouisBraille,你可以阅读海伦·凯勒xx月在巴黎索邦大学(Sorbonne University)发表纪念他逝世周年演讲,以及一篇题为“盲文,盲人魔杖,她在文章中描述了盲文以及她如何从中受益了解到安妮·沙利文·梅西:奇迹工作者海伦·凯勒写道:“我一生中记得最重要一天是我老师安妮·曼斯菲尔德·沙利文来找我那一天。”安妮和海伦·凯勒合作成为了那些失明、失明或视力受损孩子们至今仍在阅读海伦·凯勒(Helen Keller)自传《我人生故事》(The Story of My Life),这书是海伦·凯勒(Helen Keller)在她年仅几岁时写。


The last week of June ry year is the anniversary of Helen Keller's birth. The week of her birthday is recoized as duflind consciousness week to commemorate Helen Keller and other members of the divlind community. This week is dedicated to divlind.

The last week of June is to honor the divlind people among us, and the ppose of "duflind consciousness week" is to pay tbute to Helen ·Hail to Keller, Helen Keller was born in that week. According to the svey of the Helen Keller National Center (hknc), this week's focus is on raising public awareness and understanding of deaf mute. The center focuses on people's heang and eyesight loss than ten years ago.

Duflind consciousness week became an officially recoized activity of the federal government. Helen Keller's story is well known, born in 6 When Helen was six years old, her teacher, Anne Sullivan, was able to teach her how to communicate. Helen Keller continued to excel in all aspects of her life: graduating with honors, wting, lectung, and then President Ronald Rea Rea) announced the Helen Keller duflind Awareness Week: the declaration of Helen Keller duflind awareness week issued by the president of the United States in June.


每年xx月最后一周是海伦·凯勒诞辰周年纪念,每年她生那一周被认定为迪夫林德意识周,以纪念海伦·凯勒和其他迪夫林德社区成员,周是献给迪夫林德,每年xx月最后一周是为了表彰我们中间迪夫林德人,而“迪夫林德意识周”目是向海伦·凯勒致敬,海伦·凯勒是在那一周出生,根据海伦凯勒国家中心(HKNC)调查,周重点是提高公众对聋哑认识和理解,该中心关注是十多年前人们听力和视力丧失,迪夫林德意识周成为联邦正式认可活动海伦凯勒故事是众所周知,出生于xx月,健康婴儿发育正常,但在几个月大时候,一种疾病使她耳聋失明,海伦xx岁时,她老师安妮·沙利文,能够教她如何沟通海伦凯勒继续在她生活各个方面表现出:以优异成绩从大学毕业,写作,讲课,接下来是总统罗纳德·(Ronald Rea)宣布海伦·凯勒·迪夫林德意识周:总统xx月发布海伦·凯勒·迪夫林德意识周宣言。

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