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关于”保护我们的听力“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Protecting our hearing。以下是关于保护我们的听力的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Protecting our hearing

Recently, our efforts to protect wild animals have been questioned by the public, because there are constant reports that more and more wild animals have been killed by human beings, especially an innocent animal, which is very precious, died of meat, fur and teeth. I think it is only used to satiy the desire of human beings. There is still a long way to go for the effective protection of wild animals.

First of all, people should work hard In order to create a better place for animals, the land where wild animals live has been deprived by human beings for hundreds of years. People have cut down trees to provide land for their survival and cultivation. The homeland of wild animals has been taken away.

They have no choice but to escape. What's more, human beings have broken the food chain of nature, and wild animals can't find enough food to sustain their lives. There is no doubt that, The destruction of nature has become a big problem in killing wild animals.

For example, a polar bear starved to death due to the greenhouse effect, and the ice has been melted. The polar bear's seals and fish like to eat far away from them. In order to effectively protect wild animals, we must first protect the environment.

Secondly, they don't buy or kill. Some rich people like to wear fur coats. They regard it as a symbol of their identity.

Especially for rich women, they think that the fur of animals is beautiful and warm. They will never think that the fur they have worn for many years is the skin that animals wear in their whole life. They know how bloody it will be when people take off the fur from animals People don't buy fur and teeth.

They will choose to ignore it. Many wild animals will survive. Wild animals are our friends.

We should repay and protect their homes and stop buying their body parts. Otherwise, our descendants will see them in zoos and museums.




How to prevent deafness when the inner ear or auditory nerve is damaged, permanent or temporary damage will occur. Many factors will cause permanent or temporary damage, including disease, age, noise and genetic factors. It is possible to prevent deafness through awareness and preventive measures in many cases.

Learn how to prevent deafness. Do you know that deafness and hearing loss can be caused by infections, diseases, drugs However, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) can be prevented. It should be noted that permanent hearing loss is caused by damage to the auditory nerve or hair cells in the inner ear of the cochlea.

The inner ear of the cochlea may suffer permanent damage due to long-term exposure to high noise, or to a very loud sound near the ear at a time. Know that temporary hearing loss may be caused by the accumulation of liquid or earwax in the middle ear or by piercing the tympanic membrane. It can usually be done through surgery or medication, but it can also worsen the familiar decibel level without treatment, especially when you are working on a machine or are often exposed to noisy environment.

The unit of decibel measurement of sound is from to, the decibel value of normal conversation and the decibel level of gunshot. Click better hearing The noise temperature thermometer on the Institute website is referred to the reference section below for links. Avoid long time exposure unless you wear protective foam or silicone earplug, otherwise the noise level is decibel or higher.

To learn more about hearing loss, visit the website of the National Institute of deafness and other communication disorders, and see the resources section below for links to always wear ear protectors when shooting or operating high decibel devices. Precautions against ear infections and diseases that can cause deafness, such as meningitis, pay attention to ears used in certain cancer treatments Effects of toxic drugs these drugs can cause permanent hearing loss. When children are exposed to noisy environment, use protective earplugs or earmuffs to protect their hearing.

Turn down the volume of earphones.


如何预防耳聋当内耳或听觉神经受损时会发生永久性或暂时性的损伤许多因素都会造成永久性或暂时性的损伤,包括疾病、年龄、噪音和遗传因素有可能在很多情况下通过意识和预防措施来预防耳聋,了解如何预防耳聋知道吗耳聋和听力损失可由感染、疾病、药物、伤害、大噪音、年龄、遗传和先天缺陷引起的听力损失是无法预防的,但噪声性听力损失(NIHL)是可以预防的。要知道永久性听力损失是由于听觉神经或内耳毛细胞受损引起的耳蜗的内耳会因长时间暴露在高噪音中而遭受永久性损伤,或者在靠近耳朵的地方一次暴露于一个非常大的声音中知道暂时性的听力损失可能是由于中耳中液体或耳垢的积聚或鼓膜刺穿引起的。通常可以通过手术或药物治疗,但也可以如果不治疗就恶化了熟悉分贝水平,尤其是当你在机器上工作或经常暴露在嘈杂的环境中时,分贝测量声音的单位是从到,正常对话的分贝值和枪声的分贝级,点击Better Hearing Institute上的噪声温度计,请参阅下面的参考资料部分以获取链接,避免长时间接触除非你戴着保护性泡沫或硅胶耳塞,否则噪声级为分贝或更高。



It's very important to deal with the rubbish in the city. Garbage must be thrown away or reused, otherwise it will cause a lot of problems. It can pollute the air and water.

People may get sick when they breathe polluted air or drink polluted water. Our cities have begun to face the fact that some of the waste is sorted and sent to a certain place where the waste gas is purified before it enters the air, and the waste water is purified before it is poured into the river. People should prevent littering everywhere.

We should try our best to protect our environment and fight against environmental pollution.





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