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关于”英国的文化变化“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Cultural change in Britain。以下是关于英国的文化变化的初二英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cultural change in Britain

Compared with other European countries, Britain has always been criticized not as a food culture, but as Britain joined the European Union, Britain introduced different food culture. In terms of food demand of British consumers, compared with other European countries, there has been a revolutionary change. Britain has been criticized not as a food culture, but with Britain's accession to the European Union, Britain has introduced different food culture In terms of food demand, British consumers have revolutionized their habits.

Their stew, barbecue, fried and fried food, including meat, vegetables, seafood, and cooking, also have a unique way. They have a special preference for beef, such as barbecue beef. They eat not only closed seasonal vegetables, but also roasted tender taro A little mustard sauce ingredients, such as butter and white wine, fresh spices, cinnamon or other condiments, are the most important part of daily life for British people.

They usually choose to eat late, and eat, drink and chat, which improves the friendship between people. But seeing that they belong to national autonomy, a dinner may take several hours of fish and wine French fries, which is McDonald's, is a cheap and convenient food. Fish is flounder, or cod, with French fries dipped in salt or vinegar.




The differences between American English and British English are mainly in three aspects: first, in history, American English was attached to Britain, and the language has changed; second, the two countries have different policies, economy and culture, and the differences are growing; third, American English and British English bring different foreign words, such as American English brings tornado from Spain Typhoon from England.




Visitors to the UK may find that the best place to experience the local culture is the traditional pub, but these friendly hotels may bring potential mistakes to unfamiliar people. An anthropologist and a team of researchers unravel the mystery of British pubs. Most pubs are hard to drink at first.

Without a waiter, you have to go to the pub to buy a drink. A group of young Italian people wait for a few minutes to realize that they have to carry their own wine. This sounds inconvenient, but there is a hidden purpose The aim of bar culture is to promote social interaction in a society known for its conservatism.

Stand at the bar and offer services that allow you to chat with other people waiting for service. The bar counter may be the only place in the British Isles where friendly conversations with strangers are considered perfectly appropriate. In fact, it's quite normal for behavior to be "if you haven't been to a bar, you haven't been to the UK." the tip can be found in a pamphlet: bar Passport: Visitor bar etiquette South, a code of customer conduct for those who want to experience the "central part of British life and culture", the problem is that if you don't follow local rules, for example, if you're in a large group, it's better to have only one or two people to buy drinks.

Nothing annoys old customers and bar staff more than a bunch of strangers blocking all access to bars, because What do you want for them when they are chatting and hesitating.


到英国旅游的人可能会发现,体验当地文化的最佳场所是传统的酒吧,但这些友好的旅店可能会给不熟悉的人带来潜在的失误。一位人类学家和一组研究人员揭开了英国酒吧神秘的仪式,开始时大多数酒吧都很难喝上一杯没有侍者你必须去酒吧买饮料一群意大利年轻人等了几分钟才意识到他们必须自己拿酒这听起来很不方便,但是有一个隐藏的目的 酒吧文化的目的是在一个以其保守著称的社会中促进社交。站在吧台上提供服务允许你与其他等待服务的人聊天酒吧柜台可能是不列颠群岛唯一一个与陌生人友好交谈被认为是完全合适的地点其实很正常的行为“如果你没去过酒吧,你就没去过英国”这条提示可以在一本小册子中找到,那就是《酒吧护照:游客酒吧礼仪指南》,一份顾客行为准则,为那些想体验“英国生活和文化的中心部分”的人准备的,问题是如果你不遵守当地的规则例如,如果你在一个大团体里,最好只有一两个人去买饮料,没有什么比一帮陌生人堵住所有进入酒吧的通道更让老顾客和酒吧工作人员恼火,因为他们在聊天和犹豫要点什么。

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