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关于”保护我们唯一的地球“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Protect our only earth。以下是关于保护我们唯一的地球的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Protect our only earth

We should save the earth. The earth is the mother of mankind. The earth is our common home.

We like the clear water and blue sky. We like to watch the seagulls fly. We like the ice floating.

We like to hear the green land roar. We like to let the Orioles grow. We like to listen to the birds singing.

We like to watch the sunrise in the morning in the sea. At least we like the days of stars at night. We hope our earth will be more and more However, due to the unreasonable development, the waste of natural resources, the destruction of global ecology, and various kinds of pollution are becoming more and more serious.

Every year, millions of hectares of land in the world have become deserts, millions of hectares of forests are disappearing, and an average of one species is extinct within an hour. The earth's temperature is rising, the Antarctic ice sheet is beginning to melt, and the sea level will continue to rise Many coastal cities, islands and large areas of land in the world will be engulfed by sea water. It is our common responsibility as little s of the earth to take good care of the environment.

We should take care of the world and look around in our life. We should not wash away the disposable s in time. We should not throw fruit peels everywhere, walk a few steps or cross the green belt.

Many people are around us We should be aware that it is a long-term and arduous task to jointly protect the environment. Let's start with small things and start from now, so that our earth environment will be more beautiful and the climate will be better.




(to protect our earth) as we all know, the earth is getting warmer and warmer. This is a problem that some people may regard as global warming. They always say that it can help those who grow up in the greenhouse, but they only pay attention to its benefits unilaterally.

In my opinion, although their adverse effects are ignored, if we do not take measures Any measures to control the trend of greenhouse effect, let it trend at will, maybe one day our beautiful home will suffer from drought or flood and so on. Human beings feel powerless in the face of nature. Therefore, we must try our best to reduce the greenhouse effect and protect our earth from now on.

For example, instead of littering or spitting, plant trees. I think it's easy for us to do that. If everyone contributes to our planet, our lives seem to be better able to protect our world with our hands.




The earth is our only home. Some people imagine leaving this terrible world, but when they come to the earth, scientists tell us that among all the stars known in the vast universe, the earth is the only planet that human beings can live on. But now we are facing the erous problems related to the survival of the earth.

The deterioration of the environment in the world makes people worry that the earth is suffering from population explosion and energy crisis Human beings are frantically pursuing the benefits of economic growth due to the shortage of machinery and food, housing problems and environmental pollution in the process of industrialization. Now we have suffered from the consequences of excessive use of natural resources affecting the earth's eco. The deterioration of the environment has seriously damaged the natural balance, which is mainly attributed to human ignorance, greed for immediate interests and waste of human life Using the earth's resources without considering the future, the terrible destruction now poses a serious challenge to our survival.

If we don't act now, what will our future be.



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