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关于”承诺书“英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Letter of commitment。以下是关于承诺书高考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Letter of commitment

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "Regulations on the work of college entrance examination", which should take the pmise of integty as a moral carer of the integty commitment of examinees, which has attracted applse. Howr, this paper has tggered vaous cheating cases in college entrance examination in recent years, and has frequently paid attention to and pondered over the national identity frd case of the champion in Chongqing college entrance examination. Under the contl of thoty and weight, "Luo Caixia case" has appeared in a sees of nts The noisy and torted entrance of the regulatory makes people feel that the power of the letter of commitment will a fair and competitive regulatory envinment for children fm the institutional perspective.

Although it is not overnight, it is a matter that needs to be solved. It needs the supervision of the whole society.




We all say that commitment is very important, but when it comes to money, not so many people can keep their pmise. I keep my pmise all the time, bee if I break my pmise, my fends will not beli me any . I went to a shop not far fm my home.

I wanted to send the information on my list by express delivery. I suddenly thought that I had forgotten to bng money. I was wored, so I told the boss and he lghed He said that it doesn't matter to give him money next time.

I'm spsed that he dares to do so. People will think that I will nr come back after I go home. I always remember that.

Then I take the money and run to the store. I keep my pmise and give the money back to me.




/- study the following comi carefully and wte a short passage with no less than the word B. yo article should meet the following requirements: Outline: wte the message conveyed by the cartoon and give yo comment points) make the premise, obligation and responsibility be regarded as diculous and absd, and pduce a wide range of empty pmises. In my opinion, the pmise made by a hen in daily life can be seen fm the cartoon Her eggs are und and consist of shells, white and yolk.

Many people, like hens, keep such pmises. They regard responsibility and responsibility as virtues and are pud of such pmises. Even at the beginning, it is diculous.

There are o main reasons for this phenomenon: first, some pfit- enterpses use this commitment to win people's trust and recoition Second, some orizations and individuals are addicted to fame and wealth and success and publicize their behavior by all means, but in fact they are only performing their duties. These widespread short tickets will not only bng great harm to people, but also to the whole society, This leads to an atmosphere of dishonesty in o society. People will lose mutual trust and become suspicious, thus hindeng the economic dlopment of o country.

Fm the perspective of cartoons, in o daily life, there are o main reasons for this, one is the second (on the other hand, these common phenomena will e great harm to people and the whole society Harm, as shown in the cartoon character's letter of commitment, the sound of an egg is like the pfit dven of a hen. It has the potential to mislead people who are confused by fame and success, and assume that one's responsibility is to build mutual trust, thus affecting pets.



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