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Catenin parkhttp://pkblogcom/blog/static//It With our deepest grief, we pay high tribute to Michael Jackson, who died suddenly at home. Michael Jackson was born in Indiana on August 8. He is known as the king of pop music.

He is the most influential musician after Elvis Presley. Elvis MJ is a versatile musician. He is good at writing, composing, singing and dancing.

The performance of Michael, Elvis Presley and the Beatles has become an immortal symbol in the history of pop J's focus on modern MTV has pushed pop music to an apecynian style music in memory of Michael Jackson. We should learn from the noble quality of his contribution to the music of people all over the world. MJ has left our world forever.

We should turn grief into strength and let him stay in our hearts. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson, the last glory to Michael Jackson.




Compared with Western funerals, we can all face death. Therefore, there is funeral culture in our world. Due to the differences of traditional culture, Chinese funeral is different from Western funeral.

Ancient China is deeply influenced by Confucianism. Therefore, most Chinese attach importance to filial piety and grace. As reflected in funeral, they often spend a lot of money on discipline Think of the dead.

However, in western countries, Christianity is the mainstream in the long history, especially middle-aged people, because they choose the way of thin burial. In China, most people are influenced by Buddhism. They think that our body can die, but our soul can exist without the body.

This is to adapt to the way that people burn to commemorate the dead in western countries, so as to make a fortune Rich, the ancient Greeks regarded wreaths as relics, which affected their descendants. They usually used garlands or some flowers to commemorate the dead. Result: the advantage of each coin in Chinese funeral is that it can show filial piety.

The two advantages of western countries' funeral are environment-friendly and low-cost. We should inherit our funeral etiquette and carry forward our filial piety At the same time, we should learn from the advantages of western countries to make our funeral more environmentally friendly and economical.




Chinese etiquette culture has a long history, for example, birthday ceremony, heaven etiquette, diet etiquette. Now, I would like to introduce some business and social etiquette. From the ancient handshake ceremony, Europeans did not give their hands to other weapons, which means that they are kind and friendly.

Then it became a fashion. There is another lesson that prevails in European and American revolutions, that is, in today's China In business communication, the most commonly used gift of handshake is the right hand of both parties. Keep a distance of about one meter.

The hands are slightly forward and downward. The four fingers of the right hand are together, the thumb is up, and the palm is waist high or less. Hold the other party with the hand.

You should look at it with a smile and take the initiative to put forward your business card. If you don't want to exchange business cards, express it in a euphemistic way. Do not If yoefuse to receive a business card directly, you should get up or bow or smile.

If you take a business card under the corner with two hands, you should be grateful, and you should take it seriously again. Think that the importance of the other party should be properly folded after reading the card. Don't play on the table at will or for a long time, because there is a kind of infiltration of culture and finance in many dregs etiquette When we neglect the precious spiritual wealth of traditional etiquette civilization, the society and schools do not pay enough attention to the development of etiquette education.

Many uncivilized behaviors have increased the construction of socialist spiritual civilization today. We should make the traditional etiquette civilization serve the present and rebuild modern literature on the basis of absorbing the essence of national culture Ming etiquette.



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