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Some people say that middle school students' life is monotonous like a piece of white paper, lacking the color of the times. Howr, as a middle school student, o life is a symphony. No matter whether it is a bass or a high note, it is full of rhythm.

Any high school student does not want to play the stngest note of this short life before the end of the middle school student's life. Yes, learning thinks that life is hard Howr, only by paying a pce can we gain such a topic in today's society: "reducing the bden" is a good thing. It is necessary to impve the national quality and make the agers gw up healthily.

At the same time, it also increases the innovative spit and practical ability of talents. But now we are still facing examination oented education, which is still a wooden bdge cwded by tens of millions of people, which makes us "bdened" Although there are many setbacks, dous and relief, the joy of success will dilute the sadness, generation after generation of people regain self-confidence, new stren, new hope, this is really a symphony, and there are deep, sharp, and soothing, no matter how Like, can explain its bong learning, entertainment, busy and full look like , inside is ch content, pfound philosophy, betiful melody, this is the life of high school students, this is the spoiled life of the times, so let us love it, chesh it, should not complain to it, the creator of life is not others, it is you, it is me, it is him.




Although it has been many years since the implementation of bden reduction in pmary and secondary schools, many academic bdens are still increasing in vaous forms on students. I think this phenomenon is both a good and a bad side. On the one hand, it can impve the competitiveness of students in all aspects, on the other hand, it makes students do not want to study, becse they are tired.

In my opinion, teachers should respect students' choices, focus on cultivating students' interest and guide them instead of increasing their academic bden. In this way, students can learn to be happy and gw up healthily. Many people say that we are a very happy generation, becse o parents have done a good thing for us in o life, nothing is o own But in my opinion, if we can't take good care of oselves in life, o children need exercise in life.

In the fute, the Soviet Union will not have a good dlopment. I think perenz should give us enough to explore the world, so that we can have a good foundation.




The academic field has been threatened by students' impulsive behavior, which often leads to suicide. Clinical psychiatsts have observed that there are many reasons for this fatal behavior in adolescents at school and university. The svey conducted by essay academia highlights the fact that children resort to suicide becse of tvial pblems.

Howr, due to the increase of academic tasks, the psychological presse they bear plays a crucial le. Therefore, it is worth asking oselves. In fact, too much thesis wting leads to child suicide.

Many cases in the United States can be traced back to suicide in the whole country There may be many reasons for schools and universities to face the only major threat to students' suicide. Howr, due to the presse csed by excessive academic bden, most students have a feeling of extreme frustration and disillusionment. If they fail to submit their homework on time, their whole learning life will be destyed.

This misconception can lead to impulsive behavior, including suicide.




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