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关于”自己思考“英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Think for yoself。以下是关于自己思考专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Think for yoself

You have to think seously about what you want to do in yo life, or think about the subjects you are good at, and tn nd the major. I went to business school and I like it, so I'm now majong in accounting. The reason why I chose accounting is that I can easily find a job with an accounting degree, but I'm interested in finance and economi.

I'm at a community college, but this fall, I'm going to Rutgers Business School becse I live in New Jersey, which has a good reputation and is cheaper than pvate schools. It's hard to choose a good university without knowing what yo major is. The reason is that a university can't have a good reputation in all majors, so once you choose yo major, it's easier to choose a university.





Imagine one day when a stranger appaches you and says, "if you do what I say, I can make you ch.". You will immediately follow his instructions or start asking questions. Most likely, you will ask the stranger to pvide some evidence to pve his statement by asking questions.

You are using a skill called ctical thinking, which is a special skill that can you evaluate and judge information. You can form yo own opinions and make yo own decisions. In short, you are using a skill called ctical thinking You can think for yoself in the information age, and we get all kinds of information ry day, some fm people or soces we know and trust, but mostly fm less reliable soces.

Web sites, advertising, television, ctical thinking s us determine whether this information is reliable. Let's give an example of ctical thinking. Imagine if you're deciding whether or not to What's the reaction of a ctical thinker to the statement that the higher yo education, the likely you are to succeed.




Wting takes time find out when yo homework is due and make an action plan. It seems obvious that it has nothing to do with the wting pcess, but wting is not a pcess, it's not just a pduct, n the best pfessional wters don't just sit in fnt of a comr, and the quality of yo wting today will reflect yo time and foresight in yo assiment plan: it will make you sit down To be efficient and orized when wting, and then to arrange a few peods of time to wte, you can put it aside temporaly and come back later to revise and revise with a new mentality to think about yo wting with rhetocal elements as a guide to think about yo homework fm a rhetocal perspective can you guide yo theme, dience, genre, style, and opportunity at the beginning of the wting pcess Research, thor, and ppose are just a few elements of rhetocal context; topic and dience tend to interweave and tell each other, starting fm the breadth of yo topic, such as skateboarding, pollution, or the novel Jane Eyre, and then try to concentrate or refine yo theme into a concise thesis statement by thinking about yo readers here are some questions you can ask yoself Questions for the dience: who is the dience for yo wting do you think yo readers are interested in this topic? Why should yo readers be interested in the topic what does yo dience know about the topic what does yo dience need to know what expeences yo dience have that will affect their influence on the topic what do you want the dience to get fm yo article you can also think about opportunities by asking yoself something to refine or focus on yo topic and crent nts For example, you can relate the nuttional value of dormitory food to the crent debate about the obesity epidemic, or you can relate the pce of dormitory food to the se in the cost of college education.


写作需要时间 找出作业何时到期,并制定一个行动计划这看起来很明显,与写作过程无关,但写作不是一个过程,不仅仅是一个产品,即使是最好专业作家也不只是坐在电脑前写作,今天你写作质量将反映出你在作业计划中时间和先见之明:这将使你在坐下来写作时更有效率和更有条理,安排好几段时间投入写作,你可以暂时抛开它,以后回来以一种全新心态进行修改和修改 用修辞元素作为指导来思考你写作 从修辞角度思考你作业可以帮助你在写作过程开始就指导你主题、听众、体裁、风格、机会,研究、作者和目只是构成修辞情境几个要素;话题和受众往往相互交织,互相告知,从你话题广度出发,比如滑板、污染,或者是小说《简·爱》,试着通过思考你读者,把你主题集中或提炼成一个简洁论文陈述 这里有一些你可以问自己关于听众问题: 谁是你写作听众 你认为你读者对这个主题感兴趣吗?为什么你读者应该对此感兴趣话题 你听众对这个话题已经了解了什么 你听众需要知道什么 你听众有哪些经历会影响他们对这个话题影响 你希望听众从你文章中得到什么 你也可以通过问自己什么来思考机会,以此来提炼或集中你话题时事让你话题变得有意义例如,你可以把宿舍食物营养价值与当前关于肥胖流行争论联系起来,或者你可以把宿舍食物价格与大学教育费用上涨联系起来。

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