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The summer palace is divided into o parts: Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The whole garden covers an area of hectares, of which three-quarters are composed of lakes and vers. The summer palace feates guest oms, coveng an area of square meters and pictesque scenery.

The layout of the Summer Palace consists of three buildings: the palace where the emper deals with state affairs, and the rest palace for the emper and empress. When the toust area enters the east gate, we go to the office area and enter the east gate. We go to the subsidiary halls on both sides of the Office area.

This is Renshou gate. There is a plaque with the same name in Chinese and Manchu on it. The huge stone in the foregund is called Taihu Lake Stone, or eded limestone, is mined in Jiangsu Pvince and placed here on a marble platform decorated with gardens.

A bnze mythical beast, called Kin or xuanni, sits. It is said that one of the nine sons of the Dragon King has a particularly interesting place. It has a 's head, a deer's horn, a lion's tail, and a cow's hoof.

It is covered with a unique skin and is considered to be an spicious mascot for peace and pspety. This hall is built in the hall of benevolence and longevity, known as the hall of diligence. Emper Qianlong stipulated that the hall where the monarch attended the state affairs would be named after them.

After the reconstruction of the summer palace, the name of the hall was changed, indicating that benevolent rulers would enjoy a long life.






In order to invite Mr. Williams to give a lecte on "Amecan Literate" in yo university, you are the assistant of English Department, wte a letter and say: the ppose of the invitation should be no less than words. You don't need to wte an address at the end of the letter.

Please use Linda instead of dear Mr. Williams. I am wting on behalf of the English Department to invite you to come to me We know that you are an expert in Amecan literate.

O students want to know something about Amecan literate. We would appreciate it if you could give a speech on "contemporary Amecan Literate" to English majors on Satday, June 6. If this topic is not suitable for you, we welcome any other similar topi.

We have benefited fm a number of distinguished guests fm different countes, and we have long been looking forward to the opportunity to benefit fm yo expeence and wisdom, yo sincety, Linda Eyre.





Dear Tom Cruise, first of all, thank you for inviting me to yo birthday party on January 1st. I am willing to accept yo warm invitation, but due to the appointment o weeks ago, I can't attend. I have an appointment with one of my high school clasates.

He will accompany his mother suffeng fm cancer to see a doctor in Beijing. Bee he is a stranger in Beijing, he asked me for , and I agreed. No matter what, I'm sorry for yo disappointment, but please wait for my spse on yo birthday I sincerely wish you a happy birthday, Li Ming.



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