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关于”生压力来源“英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Soces of stress。以下是关于生压力来源八级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Soces of stress

Today's life is full of presse, many of which can not be avoided. When the presse is a lifelong pblem for many people, how the presse is formed is still a contversial topic for many scientists. The ppose of this paper is to outline the soces of stress and the apppate ways to deal with it.

For example, high presse and fast-paced lifestyle make it impossible for people to get enough leise time. The imbalance beeen work and leise makes them either struggle with deteorating health or deal with psychological pain, such as anxiety and depression, and other pblems, It can increase stress to an uncontllable ll if you are not in harmony with others or in an unpleasant working or living envinment. Another gup of stressors is interined with personality.

People have different understanding of nts or situations. A pblem that many people regard as a threat may be accepted as a positive challenge to others. The evidence is uncertain about the reasons behind this difference, but it is generally recoized People who are outgoing are less likely to be seously affected by equally important adversity.

This is the ability to deal with certain pblems, such as time and money. Consideng the le of personality in determining attitude to pblems and reaction to nts, the effect of stress mament skills vaes fm person to person. There are many ways to deal with stress, but the most effective way is not far away or complicated, But it's easy to access and practical.

It is suggested that people under presse should take part in recreational activities, dlop good dieting habits and exercise regularly. They should learn to get d of wores and try to keep it. Finally, it is very important to cultivate a good attitude and look at things positively.

As mentioned above, envinmental factors can be used as a soce of stress. People's personality determines how much they are affected by these factors. Taking a healthy lifestyle and correct attitude towards life can pmote people's physical and mental health and them They reli the presse.





With the impvement of the demand and quality of health s, especially in the context of the crent disharmonious relationship beeen doctors and patients, the work presse of medical staff is increasing. If we do not try to alleviate it, doctors will have negative emotions. Based on the ysis of domestic and forei doctors' occupational stressors, this study conducted a questionnaire svey on the influencing factors of occupational stressors of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo Thugh investigation and ysis, it is found that the influencing factors and soces of occupational stress soces of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo City are siificant, as well as different ages, genders, educational lls, matal status, income and senioty of doctors.

In the svey results, statistical ysis and relevant literate, it is found that there are obvious differences in fo aspects of individuals, families and families. The society and the state put forward the corresponding suggestions It is hoped that the countermeases and suggestions will to alleviate the actual occupational stress of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo.




Managing yo stress what is stress? Stress is a physical, psychological, or emotional response to the demands or changes in yo life. Everyone is affected by the stress situation. It is easy to recoize that a major life change, such as unemployment or death of a family member, can lead to stress.

A person can also feel stress due to the accumulation of stress ry day, such as long commutes, heavy traffic, tight work schedule or disagreements with colleagues or family members. Yo stress may be obvious to you and ryone nd you, or it may be hidden stress. If it continues to affect yo physical and mental health, the following information will you to recoize stress and learn to actively deal with it The mechani of low sk of health pblems let's first look at what stress can do to the body when we are faced with a worrying situation.

1. o brain releases adrenaline and other chemicals, which cse o heart rate and blood presse to se, blood flows to o muscles and brain, o breathing becomes faster, o digestion slows down Recoizing that the danger is over, o brains stop pducing chemicals that cse physical reactions, and o bodies retn to normal. If we continue to respond to nts, n after the nt, o brains and o bodies will be in an alert state, and if the tension persists, it will cse minor health pblems and be recoized In connection with the separation of other seous soces of stress, the next step is to identify yo soces of stress and wte them down often. The act of wting down yo pblem can be theutic, becse it may give you an opportunity to think about possible solutions.

It's easy for you to document major life changes, such as finding a new job, moving, divorcing and losing yo job, including yo daily stress. Here are some examples of financial pblems lack of support poor health work family pblems too much physical condition bong work not enough leise time poor diet commuting to and fm work too much / too light noise envinment personality conflict no life direction response admit yo accumulation commute 4 busy 5 appearance 6 health 7 mechani 8 face 9 adrenaline digestion perception treatment stressors over / over Light conflict.




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