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关于”学习外语的好处“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The benefits of learning a foreign language。以下是关于学习外语的好处的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The benefits of learning a foreign language

From the forum, we can see that: a student is looking for an article entitled "the importance of ing a foreign language". Obviously, this is a homework. He wants to retrieve anything from the powerful Internet.

The boy traners the homework to a Qiuzi, which is sent to the network where any problem can be solved. The subtle meaning of this phenomenon is conveyed Is pregnant, but also satirizes the rapid development of information technology, the Internet has changed our life, it is not only an essential tool for work and study, but also a basic tool for daily life. The function of computer and Internet connection is that it is superior to any other time in the past.

It can help you to achieve almost all things. At the same time, it brings us a lot Great convenience, it also brings many aspects of management, because people become more and more dependent on computers, and then become lazy and unwilling to move, and their intelce is further weakened. It creates an invisible barrier between direct communication and some occasions of mental illness.

First of all, I would like to give you some suggestions. When you were a child, you should enhance your self-confidence. Elsie Robert once said: "everyone They have the potential to create miracles.

". It's easy to write English and it's easy to learn English. The difficulty in learning English is that you lose confidence.

The way we beat back this difficulty is more practice.





I began to learn English from grade 5 of primary school. It seemed a little early at that time. But now, with the deepening of globalization, the situation is completely different.

People pay more and more attention to foreign language learning. However, many parents do not know when the best time is to learn a foreign language recently. Many educational institutions have said in public that children should learn a foreign language from primary school, but I think that children should learn a foreign language Foreign language is good, but first of all, it should not be too early.

Children should first learn our mother tongue. Learning Chinese is not so easy, because Chinese has both Chinese characters and Pinyin, which is the same as English letters. This will make children feel confused and make learning more difficult.

Secondly, if children learn foreign languages from a young age, they should have more time to play s instead of learning In the above discussion, they will feel bored and disgusted, which may harm their learning and growth. Learning a foreign language is not a good thing for children. It is important to learn a language early, but not everyone has the talent to learn a foreign language well.

Therefore, when to start learning a foreign language depends on the children's interest.




When it comes to the method of learning a foreign language, different people have different views on it. Some people think that we should go to a certain country, some people think we should register a training course, some people think we should practice frequently. I think we can learn a foreign language from three main aspects first.

If you want to learn a foreign language, we should try to do a lot of listening Practice, this is very important for you to understand what others say. We should find a lot of listening materials to practice our listening skills. We should say as much as possible.

It is a common phenomenon that most students do not speak well. The reason is that students dare not speak and the opportunity to practice oral English is very small. However, if we learn a language, we must encourage ourselves to do as much as possible Besides, we can practice oral English with our friends and classmates.

Third, in order to a language, we should practice writing while learning the language. It is necessary for us to write a composition by writing. We can improve our learning skills.

In short, if we want to learn a certain language, we should not only practice listening and writing skills, but also speak as much as possible.



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