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Belief is the creation of human wisdom (as the saying goes, wisdom plays an important role in human society. If one's mind is full, it will not be full of any bad ideas. Anyone who has a firm belief can enjoy a colorful life, otherwise he will be lost in his own way of life.

Faith is so important that it can change a person's fate. A little mouse falls into a bucket of cream. The first mouse gives up quickly and drowns.

The second mouse refuses to give up. He struggled so hard that he finally scrambled the cream into butter and crawled out. Obviously, the latter mouse is a man of his own faith.

There is always hope in his eyes to encourage him to fight, fight and fight. When he encounters difficulties, he will never give up, because the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty, while the pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity. The first mouse was such a pessimist.

He had no confidence in his life and became a slave to fate. Thus, it is possible for people with firm beliefs to succeed and their own lives.






I'm just an ordinary person. I want to do what I want to do with my own efforts. I believe in fate.

I believe that fate is too true. Maybe your interesting emotion is very possible. Maybe my narration is too boring.

I can't make it vivid and touching. Maybe I can only tell me that it's so magical and romantic. It's easy to find someone in a village, It's easy to find a person in a village, but the premise is that you don't know which village it is in a town.

To find a floating population, how to walk easily in the vast street, facing one stranger after another, I have no way to go. I am especially depressed. I believe in fate, I believe in God, and I believe he will take care of me So far, I have been to a place, I have no extra ideas, I hope if I can find him, then the human heart beat things, that is how to make, in other words, I want to see him, really want to want to, this does not need a reason.




What is the traditional Chinese religion? Do Chinese believe in God? I need to be careful. This is a theological issue, but with political sensitivity, we all know that one of the Communists' ideas during Chairman Mao's period was that "religion is poison". Confucianism (Confucius, Buddhism) and Taoism (Taoism, also known as Taoism) are the basic philosophies that form the traditional Chinese moral .

These are philosophies, not religions, because they do not tell us that except for the values between parents and children, between huands and wives, between emperors and citizens, any particular God should be worshipped. Among different levels, seniority should be respected. This is a criterion.

This belief of respecting your elders is deeply rooted in the value of the Chinese people It is another theme from the mainstream of Philistines to explain some behaviors and fates of the Chinese government. Especially from the perspective of Taoism, fate is a mysterious thing, and our life is guided by fate to some extent. The way to deal with it is to accept destiny.

Another major concept comes from Buddhism, which is yuanfen (a sacred bond that brings people together, especially huand and wife). This yuan Fen is the lubricant in all kinds of relationships. There are so many manufacturers in both business and private sectors.

In addition to your better offer, why do I find it particularly attractive to you? The Chinese believe that it is yuan Fen who brings us together and returns to the traditional question Come on, do Chinese believe in God? My personal opinion is affirmative. The Chinese believe in "one" God. We have a saying from ancient books, such as "there is a God three feet above", "the net of heaven is so vast that you can't escape" (meaning that if you commit a crime, there is no place for you to hide, "you will be punished for everything you do.

If it wasn't for today, the concept of" everlasting "has formed me in heaven The conscience in our hearts guards our actions.




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