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关于”有学会忘记“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Learn to forget。以下是关于有学会忘记的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Learn to forget

Forget the sadness, also no sadness, can stretch the tight frown, sad face, all the unfairness, all the unhappiness can be forgotten, people will become more clear, like the days covered by dark clouds, suddenly clear the hatred, and from the time of hatred, the heart will not be veiled because of hate, when everything becomes a prank, people will become easier When a person struggles for love, when a relationship is lost in helplessness, he suddenly forgets how much happiness it is. No one can do this is spilled out, and no one can really forget the person he loves, who has been hurt and never lived a miserable life It will fade away. The passage of time increases the memory of pain, makes the pain more clear, makes the pain more painful, makes the heart of love hate, learns to forget when you buy love, and also learns to forgive yourself.

There is no regret since self-help and love. There is always no way to separate. People can see through this society from ignorance, thinking about the world of ordinary people, and seeing through this society, of course It's the truth.

In fact, it's not true. The words are too much, and I really know too little to complain. Since, alas, since hatred is human nature, most people are selfish.

Your life only lasts for decades. Why don't you insist on it? Why don't you learn to forget the pursuit of perfection and the world. There is no perfect thing.

Instead, perfection is a kind of defect, a defective thing The perfect life is like this. There is no regret or happiness in life, so the pursuit of perfection is actually the pursuit of a perfect soul. When people's life comes to an end, you will experience food reincarnation.

After the reincarnation of human nature, you will drink something called Mrs. Meng Laotai soup. You can forget the memories of previous lives, and life will become happy.

You don't have to wait until then Forget what is happiness, where happiness is, have been looking for, looking for, happiness is in that kind of style, happiness then forget here is a kind of feeling, love has a feeling, hate has a feeling, that is anger, there is a feeling, that is to forget all the deep-rooted pain, forget enough pain, forget all emotions, this is one of the most Great happiness.




It has a nature that is hard to explain, and it has to be felt personally that if one wants to really appreciate its true nature, it has a nature of understanding. It wraps itself around you, comforts you, and nourishes you in that personal moment when you are with yourself. It ignites a special place in your heart that can be created when we think about the true meaning of life and us It is only when we are immersed in the present moment that we can appreciate it and how it can be enhanced in our lives.




Keep healthy and happy. My name is XXXI. I'm glad to say something about keeping healthy and happy.

We know that it is very important to keep healthy. Without health, we can't do anything, but how to keep healthy? In my opinion, we should first do the following things, exercise every day, which can strengthen our body and maintain a balanced diet. We should eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less meat or fat, and have enough sleep.

A good sleep can make us energetic, and our study and health are great Good health is necessary, good learning is conducive to our health, let us learn while exercise, let us learn and grow happily. Thank you.




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