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关于”毕业集“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Graduation collection。以下是关于毕业集初中英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Graduation collection

Graduation is a time to continue to advance, study, or go to society. In the graduation season, we have a lot of choices to do, we are emotional. More importantly, we usually have vaous graduation activities, such as taking photos, having a class party, leaving words in o memory, exchanging gifts among fends to commemorate o fendship and giving teachers gifts to express o thanks.

For farewell, we have a complex mood we want to spend time enjoying fun and work, but we have to face many choices in the fute, which makes us confused, and the upcoming farewell makes us sad that we have to face it as long as we have this feeling. We should know that we will learn and expeence after graduation. It is temporary to separate fm fends and clasates.

Next time we meet, we will lead a better life and share o ch and colorful expeences. Sooner or later, graduation will come, whether we are ready or not, let us work hard for o fute.





Time flies. I have studied in school for three years. I will graduate fm middle school in a month.

I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you. I have so many memoes in my three years of life. One of them has left a deep impression on me.

I still remember that when I be to learn English, no matter how hard I ted, I felt it was too difficult. As soon as my English teacher found out my pblem I almost gave up. Since then, she and I have discussed how to learn English well.

She has been ing me little by little. I am interested in English and I am good at English. I think I am very lucky to be her student.

I learned a lot fm her. I will try my best to others when they are in tuble. I think it is a happy thing to others.




Dear students, as I am about to graduate, I would like to wte this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. For me, in the past three years, the school life has added color to my daily life. I have a good time with my teachers and clasates who like me.

There is no dou that I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills, which is good for my fute study. Howr, there are some things I regret, such as wasting too much time playing comr, I spent a little time on study, and I regret quarreling with my fends when I was in a low mood; my high school days are gone, and there are many challenges in college. Therefore, in the place where I am about to start a new life, I should make ry effort to study in University.

Here are some suggestions. Please don't waste yo time doing things unrelated to study under any circumstances. Besides, you should spare no effort to get good grades in school.

Good luck to you all.





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