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关于”合格医生应该具备素质“英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Quality of qualified doctors。以下是关于合格医生应该具备素质雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Quality of qualified doctors

If you want to be a qualified volunteer, you must have the following basic requirements: good image, pminent knowledge structe, correct world outlook and values, correct position, correct attitude, good physical and mental quality. When facing emergencies, you should not panic. When you are a volunteer, you should have apppate mateal and spitual preparation, but you should also arrange yo own work, We can't let o work and volunteer work conflict, let alone if there's a conflict, the best choice for volunteeng.

After all, you're ready to face it nervously for a certain peod of time.




How to become a qualified quantity sveyor? As a student of civil engineeng, I always dream of becoming a qualified quantity sveyor. But I know that it is not easy to do this. What kind of quality should I have to be competent for this work? A qualified quantity sveyor can be competent for this work.

He should have flexible thinking ability As a civil engineeng student, I have always dreamed of becoming a qualified quantity sveyor, but I know that it is not easy to become a qualified quantity sveyor. What kind of quality should I undertake? A qualified quantity sveyor can be competent for this work. He should be quick in thinking, good at understanding construction drawings, accately grasping its meaning, and a qualified quantity sveyor We must really understand the relevant laws of engineeng construction bidding, and the cost staff must have a stng calculation ability, skillfully use the engineeng quota, accately calculate the engineeng quantity, and have stng points in learning and learning.

I want to study all my life, constantly impve my ability and ability, and do my work better and better. I should dlop the style of seous work, dlop the habit of conscientious and meticulous work Learn to apply to practice, so as to become a qualified quantity sveyor.




Living in this society, we have some rules to tell us how to be a qualified citizen. First of all, we should learn the law, we can't conflict with the law, and then we should treat others politely, so that we can get along with others and make o world fendly. We also need to those who are in tuble.

We must be filial to o parents. Everyone should stve to be a qualified citizen. My goal is to be a good citizen so that I can serve my country.

It is not easy to be a good citizen. He has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. The first duty of a good citizen is to love his country.

He must be ready for his country His second duty is to abide by the law and the government to maintain order. If ryone can do it, the country will be ch and stng (stng example: we live as citizens ry day, busy, but a qualified citizen will be favored by people. It is a compulsory cose for us to become a qualified citizen, but how to become a qualified citizen Qualified citizens, then we need to think about how to become a qualified citizen.

I beli that law-abiding is a must for a qualified citizen. It can be said that a qualified citizen is a law-abiding citizen, not a citizen who is law-abiding. In law-abiding and law-abiding disciplines, we can not only safeguard o own legitimate ghts and interests, but also ptect them The legal ghts and interests of others, and the best way is to have a higher quality is also very important.

A citizen with a higher quality will be favored by the society. The scope of quality is an infinitely expanded cang envinment, which can make o life cleaner, respect the elderly and love the young. It is a method that embodies the humanitaan spit, embodies the bght etiquette and integty, and is the most apppate way to maintain the relationship beeen people The bond of loving the motherland is the most basic reward for the mother of the motherland, cheshing life and the most noble respect for other life.

The connotation of qualified citizens will continue to ench with the pgress of the times. We must keep pace with the times and stve to become qualified citizens.



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