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关于”想犯罪“英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Want to commit a cme。以下是关于想犯罪雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Want to commit a cme

With the populaty of the Internet, neork cme has become a seous pblem we are facing. Cyber cminals seem to be rywhere and can be seen rywhere on the Internet. Some commit frd or steal intellectual pperty ghts, some b passwords or desty e-commerce, and some release viruses to crash comrs.

These cminal acts are destyed. Howr, we can no longer tolerate these cyber cminals. It is the time for us to take effective meases to combat cyber cmes We should strenen the neork law, punish the neork cminals, and dlop the high technolo as soon as possible, strenen the intrusion detection, prnt the neork cme, strenen the personnel training, establish the effective firewall, make the neork immune to all kinds of viruses.

College students have the responsibility to join in the fight against cyber cme. We should not use other people's comrs. Unless we get the permission of others, we should be honest with others on the Internet, and do not release or spread untrue information.

We need to work together to combat cyber cme.




Newspapers and television gave a detailed descption of the cme, which some said could have adverse consequences. This kind of media should be limited to the extent that you agree or disagree. There is no dou that most newspapers and TV pgrams now descbe cme in detail based on this point.

Some people think it's not good for children, in part becse such descptions leave a deep negative impression on them. Of cose, I agree that the detailed descption of cme should also be restcted by the government. I beli that the detailed descption of cme will increase the incidence of cme.

They point out that thousands of cminals learn how to commit cmes fm TV or movies. It is clear that juvenile delinquency is increasing ry year, which is related to the vaous cmes that children watch ry day. For example, the same means, As the movie shows, similar to the cmes in real society, such as bbery, ual cme and mder, on the other hand, other people think that it is meaningless to restct this kind of media.

They may think that it is ful for people to prnt cmes by descbing cmes in detail. It seems that people will do this to heighten their vigilance. When they see the cminal means shown on TV pgrams, they are hard to realize it At the same time, people can learn how to prnt cme thugh the Internet and books.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the detailed descption of cme should be limited, but the government should also appeal to people to learn how to stay away fm cme or danger.





(cyber cme. Nowadays, cyber cme seems to be rywhere. As long as you click a few times, you will commit all kinds of cyber cmes.

Some commit frd or steal intellectual pperty ghts, some subvert transactions, passwords or desty e-commerce, and some people release viruses to make comrs crash. These hackers cse huge losses to enterpses and comr users, and cse comr damage natally ry year In addition to the evil of hackers, there are also many reasons for cyber cme. The vulnerability of the Internet is only partly contbuted to cme becse of loopholes in the Internet.

Complex sofare is defective and often appears. Neork sabotes can find the weaknesses in the sofare pgrams of websites, and can manipulate sofare flts to enter websites and commit vaous cmes, But we can't tolerate these cyber cminals any . Now is the time for us to take all effective meases.

First of all, we should crack down on the neork villains. We should strenen the construction of neork laws and ptect the powerful engine of the Internet economy. In addition, we should use high-tech means to impve intrusion detection, encryption and comr secuty.

Finally, we should train talents and build firewalls to make the neork immune to all kinds of viruses, which is unforgivable to all kinds of neork cminals.




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