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关于”给信“英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Letter to Mom。以下是关于给信高考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Letter to Mom

Dear parents, I am wting to you in Beijing. I am very happy to come to Beijing again. To my spse, great changes have taken place here recently.

Today I went to Wangfujing Street. Now the street is much cleaner than before. There are flowers rywhere, flowers in the air.

There are new buildings, modern shops and large IT s. People in Beijing are very happy with ryone People ile. I know they're working hard for the Olympi.

I hope they'll have good luck with you, Jack.




Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou, February 2, dear mom, how are you and my dad? I arved in Guangzhou safely last Fday, but the joney was not pleasant. The train was cwded and dirty. I came here after a rest.

I felt very tired. Now my uncle's house is very good. They are very happy to see me.

They are very kind to me. Cousin Wei Ping is really warm-hearted. He has been taking me to visit the city these days.

We have a lot in common so that we can chat all day. Wei Ping and I are going to a concert tonight. We all like the star very much.

Guangzhou is a betiful city as well as a pspeus city. The life here is very busy, but I like the exciting and colorful way of people working and living here. I hope to have the opportunity to work and live in this city when I gw up.

My uncle and nt will send you my favote David.





A letter to my mother, my dear mother. I recently read a book about Chua Mei er's tiger mother battle song. I found that you and Chua have a lot in common in parenting.

I'd like to share some of my views on this topic. Childhood memoes, things you stctly do and don't do come back, becse you spend less time practicing music. Howr, it's my chance to attend parties and school plays It will be minimal, let alone enjoy the real fun of family life.

Moreover, depved of the to choose a tramp, I sometimes feel like a lonely dog, manipulated by others, dear mother, do you beli that I wake up fm betiful dreams again and again with tears on my face. Howr, although I called it a cruel therapy when I was young, when I was deeply involved in my external world, I gradually realized that it was very beneficial to be trained as a tiger like George Eliot puslt. "Roses nr rain.

If you want ses, you have to plant trees." This is a true portrayal of o gwth, especially in a society with unprecedented presse. Fortunately, tiger education has made me form extraordinary learning habits, made me stand out in the fierce competition, and endowed me with stng willpower and inner confidence. Finally, it was pved to be my best quality.

Thanks to yo stct discipline, I did not cultivate a keen art In view of all these facts, tiger parenting has benefited me a lot. Despite the direct happiness and carefree childhood of normal people, looking back on my childhood in yo unique way, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you, my dear mother, becse I am going to start my college life now. I pmise you that I will Impve myself in the way of "tiger" and go all out to realize all my dreams, dear dghter.




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