michelle obama是什么意思 michelle obama的中文翻译、读音、例句

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michelle obama是什么意思 michelle obama的中文翻译、读音、例句

michelle obama通常被翻译为"米歇尔、"意思,其中文解释还有"米歇尔·"意思,在线读音是[michelleobama],michelle obama常被用作名词,在《英语发音在线词典》中,共找到66个与michelle obama相关句子。

1. ...and Michelle voted this morning in Chicago.

2. Which led to a knockout win.

3. - Give my best to Michelle.

翻译:-帮我向Michelle问好 -我会 - Give my best to Michelle.。

4. Michelle, take a look aund.

5. Text Michelle what? Not you.

6. Subscptions are up 11% since the Michelle issue,

7. Michelle 's plea for education

8. My name is Michelle chamuel.

9. But these days, President and his wife, Michelle, are popping up all over this city.

10. Does it say "Michelle " under the picte?

翻译:在图片下有显示 “Michelle ” 吗。

11. Not cool, b. - What's yo name?

12. You don't got to be sad any.

翻译:你是在说Michelle吗? Are you talking about Michelle。

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