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关于”胜利时刻“英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The moment of victory。以下是关于胜利时刻初一英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The moment of victory

This happens in ry career (usually ry morning you have to be at the top of the to win), and as you scll thugh the calendar ry morning, identify those moments and schedule a minute or o before each moment, so you have time to prepare for victory, imagine the outcome and form a vivid picte in yo mind Imagine what it's going to look like after you win the engagement, imagine the words and sounds you hear (and most importantly, imagine how you'll feel when you know you've won, as if you've been disconnected fm the goal and the result. You've told yo body and mind that you've won. Let go of all this, as if it's in the past History is the same.

Don't want to win or lose ght now. Focus on what you're going to do next. If you look at Olympic athletes, you can see that moment before they start, when they're diissive of the idea of victory and ready to take action, celebrate, regardless of the outcome of yo actions, or n before you yze whether you win or not, take a moment to celebrate what you do Get the best incredible win, learn now, look at yo results, whether you win at the ll you want or not, pay attention to what works and what doesn't hone yo mind so that you can make the pcess powerful as you prepare for the next big moment.

Try to change yo life in than three days.




Today, after class, my fends and I didn't go home. We decided to eat out. We chose a buffet restaant.

We are attracted to all kinds of food, and we can choose food according to o taste. This is a happy moment. After dinner, we ate a lot and talked a lot.





"We are the successors of communi, inhet the gloous tradition of the older generation of revolution, love the motherland, love the people, fresh red scarf flutteng in the chest, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of the enemy, tenacious study, resolute struggle, bravely advance in the face of victory, bravely advance in the face of victory, march forward bravely in the face of victory, we are the successors of communi" when I was a child The first time I put on the red scarf, my inner shock was speechless. It was such an exciting moment, what a gloous moment, what an unforgettable time. Today, the songs of the Chinese youth pioneers are still full of passion and encoagement.

It is a childhood given to me by the motherland that "the sun is bght, the flowers ile at me". That is my determination to love Motherland, love the people, love the Communist of China, study hard, come together ry day, learn tder, gwn-up people have rare achiments in that comr, the motherland gave me a chance to join the comr interest gup, where I and my tutor became fends, learn advanced scientific knowledge, keep pace with the times, that year's comr enlightenment education is very much for me now To my fute had a pfound impact, no motherland and no today's me, no motherland, no my gwth, the motherland has given me a lot of opportunities to hone my wisdom, my ability in it, stng and healthy my physique, let me learn and knowledge in the University of the motherland, gwing up I now enter high school, n want to dlop themselves, learn After learning knowledge, enching myself, prepang myself for enteng the society, and prepang for the fute for the motherland and for my own contbution, I became a fend. My good fends beli that here will hold up the sky of the sing motherland in the fute, becse we all gw up in the sun of o motherland, let us bravely advance in victory.

In fnt of us, let us wish the great motherland birthday happy.



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