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关于”我的目标“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:My goal。以下是关于我的目标的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My goal

I am full of confidence in my writing goal. I don't know what year or month I should do. I know that I am too .

Today, I am just a spark, and I still claim to burn in front of the sun, and challenge it for a year. If I don't find out in which month, I will urge me to become rampant and chaotic in the street when I find out, passing by me One day of constant longing and training, good Samaritan, you can wake me up from my dream, or beat me black and blue. After being beaten severely, I walk aimlessly on the street without terminal line.

Maybe that month of that year, I wake up and walk there once, and I see a long road that can't be seen at night There was no trace of my walking in the daytime. I went there and saw a sign of a square eight meters long falling down. You know what? Four people were killed and five people were injured.

His son just received a letter of acceptance from Deng Xiaoping University and was going to go shopping tomorrow. Fortunately, he left. Two of them were Dr.

haver, three were Tsinghua University, and three were graduate students of Peking University Graduate students, three are students, one is about to go to university, you see the purpose of my refuge in the world, I can do the goal is like a compass, I left it in the forest, my life will be lost in that forest.




When I look back on the past days, I will soon become a middle school student. I find that I am no different. I spend most of my time playing and not focusing on my study.

Now I have made up my mind that in the days to come, I must study wholeheartedly and learn as much as possible so that I can reserve something for the future.




Every student has his own learning goal, some have a great goal, but there are also some small goals. To some extent, a goal determines your future success. People with a great goal may achieve a big success in the future, while people with a small goal may achieve a small success.

At the same time, the time we set our goals is another important factor for us to be earlier, and the easier our goals are to be achieved. So, when we are very young, it is very important to set a great goal. But having a goal doesn't mean we're going to succeed right away.

We have a long way to go. Next, we should put our goal into action. Maybe we have encountered many difficulties.

We can't stop or give up. We should continue to fight against all kinds of troubles or problems until our goal becomes our goal. Let's achieve our goal.





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