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关于”转基因食品的安全“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Safety of genetically modified food。以下是关于转基因食品的安全的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Safety of genetically modified food

Genetically modified food does have some advantages in solving the world's hunger problem, as shown above. However, it will (also) have some adverse effects. Therefore, some controversial issues may be raised first.

Genetically modified food may cause many potential health problems. First of all, genetically modified food may be toxic or allergic Substances (i.e. food) are not safe enough, and even scientists can not prove that as long as people are allergic to, or poisoned by, genetically modified food (F), not only can not reduce world hunger, but also there will be more other problems and troubles, and new toxins or allergens may be tranerred to the original safe food, which turns out to be safe Whole food is the result of engineering food.

In this case, the nutritional value of food (food) may decrease (secondly, it may decrease. Once the nutritional composition of genetically modified food changes, people's nutritional structure may lose balance. Thirdly, as the British scientific researchers have proved, transgenic DNA can find a way to enter human intestinal bacteria In addition, there is a recent ysis of the U.S.

industry in the past year. As shown in the pie chart, this is about the contribution of genetic engineering to the increase of corn production in the United States. Their ysis shows that genetic engineering accounts for only% of the increase The pie chart of the contribution of genetic engineering to the increase of corn yield in the United States shows that genetic engineering accounts for only% of the increase in maize production in the United States.

Genetic engineering does not significantly increase crop yields in the other world (in other words, reducing world hunger cannot be entirely dependent on Genetic engineering or genetically modified crops).




Genetically modified food: are genetically modified crops safe? Scientists are looking for answers to environmental dreams or disasters. The world seems to be increasingly divided into pro food advocates and fear food advocates who claim to grow crops. They can say that genetic engineering can induce plants to grow in poor soil or produce more nutritious food, and genetic engineering will soon help people around the world An important tool for oral growth.

Skeptics believe that genetically modified crops can pose unique risks to the environment and health - too cumbersome to calmly accept, and many European countries are limiting the cultivation and import of genetically modified agricultural products. A lot of debates have centered on the concept of safety, but what is the explanation of the harm by recent scientific research? Answers are often lost in reports, and the debate is covered in the next few pages.




Genetically modified food is a product brought to us by science. With less and less cultivated land, genetically modified food will play an increasingly important role. If the problem of food shortage in the world can be solved by using genetically modified technology, genetically modified food is not very good in today's world.

It is a new thing, a new thing, and people need time to promote its acceptance, We can't put new things in the cradle and insist on it at the beginning. We can't eat genetically modified food. You think the hybrid rice we don't eat is a kind of genetically modified food, but we can open it.

If they can traner genes from other crops to other crops through soybean transgenic technology and use atmospheric nitrogen in their fertilizer to traner genes to humans, this is the two sides of everything, In particular, science and technology is a double-edged sword. Genetically modified food has its disadvantages, just as some people worry, because it will not change, it will destroy genetic evolution, and the nutrition in genetically modified food is not like that. People's propaganda worry is understandable.

It takes time to accept a new thing, but we should also see their advantages, I think as time goes by As time goes by, genetically modified foods will be accepted.



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