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关于”实现人生价值文章“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Articles to realize the value of life。以下是关于实现人生价值文章四级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Articles to realize the value of life

Under the backgund of impetuous contemporary society, college students' life values are generally positive and correct, but in my opinion, there are also many pblems. Integty is one of the most basic values of life today. It is not spsing to hear that students are expelled fm school becse of cheating.

Examiners, especially students, should regard honesty as the ogin of life Only in this way will o social attitude be impved and o country will have a better fute.




As a socialist youth, he wants to devote his life to the cse of communi in order to a useful life. Moreover, we say that the value of life is only pportional to his achiments and contbutions to the society in real life. We can see that many revolutionary martyrs died young for the people.

Don't you think they chesh their lives? They are full of nostalgia for life, they are full of hope and desire, but they bravely and resolutely face death, in order to let people live, their gloous status will live in people's hearts, they die gloous and great people, all their lives are busy dying without any achiment, their life is incomparable in o real life, we have many For example, "there is no end to life and no rest in tackling difficulties". Take these as examples. Mr.

Jing Zhuying fought for China's scientific cse to the last time, and Mr. Zhang Hua sacficed his young life for others. This is a good example of the sacfice made by the Communist member lanko to perform his duties.

A citizen, Ms. Zhang Haidi, compared with Pl of o time, works She worked very hard and faced the setbacks in her life. Although she was disabled, she still lived bravely.

All these are the stren in their life, and their value of life is precious. My clasates, you don't say how betiful their life is. Beethoven once said, "I must learn to contl my life, it will nr let me give up myself Oh, if I can live A thousand times Pl Cokin also said a golden saying, "life is just one." I think each of us young people will keep this sentence in mind let's use o actions to tn it into reality let's not be a person full of commitment but without any action, such as desire, a le.

My clasates, let's not linger let's not hesitate only sadness and worry It doesn't mean thinking and explong only gef and tuble don't represent pgress, it doesn't mean matuty let's not kill o life by playing cards let's not waste o youth let's not desty o will without any achiments let's a great contbution to , only in this way can we a useful life; ryone will die, ryone will die It will t; but ryone may have achiments and contbutions; we hate to be corrupted; let's cheer up, cheer up.


作为一个青年,他要为主义事业献身,为是创造一种有益生活;而且,我们说,生命价值只与他在现实生活中对社会成就和贡献成正比,我们可以看到,许多为英年早逝,你不觉得他们珍惜生命吗?他们对生命充满了眷恋,他们充满了希望和渴望,但他们勇敢而坚决地面对亡,为了让更多人活下去,他们光辉地位将活在人们心中,他们去光荣而伟大人,一生都在忙着而没有任何成就人,他们生活是我们现实生活中无法比拟,我们有很多这样例子,比如“生命无止境,攻坚不息”,以这些为例,景竹英先生为科学事业奋斗到最后一世,张华先生为了他人牺牲了自己年轻生命,这是兰科为履行职责而牺牲一个很好榜样一个公民 张海蒂女士,与我们这个时代保罗相比,她工作非常努力,面对生活中挫折,尽管她有,她仍然勇敢地生活下去;所有这些都是他们生命中坚强,他们生命价值是宝贵;我同学们,你不说他们生活多么美好贝多芬曾经说过“我必须学会控制我生活,它永远不会让我放弃自己 哦,如果我能活上千次就好了。”保罗·科金也说过一句金玉良言,“生命不过是一个”我想我们每个年轻人都把这句话牢记在心 让我们用我们行动把它变成现实 让我们不要做一个充满承诺却没有任何行动人,比如,一个角我同学们,让我们不要徘徊 让我们毫不犹豫 只有悲伤和烦恼不代表思考和探索 只有哀伤和烦恼不代表进步,根不意味着成熟 让我们不要玩牌扼杀我们一生 让我们不要浪费青春 让我们不要没有任何成就就摧毁我们意志 让我们创造伟大对人类贡献,只有这样,我们才能创造有益生活;每个人都会去,每个人都会腐;但每个人都可能会有成就和贡献;我们讨厌被腐朽;让我们振作起来,振作起来。


Under the backgund of impetuous contemporary society, college students' life values are generally positive and correct, but there are also many pblems. In my opinion, one of the most basic values of life in today's society is integty. It is not spsing to hear that students are expelled for cheating in exams.

People, especially students, should regard honesty as their life cteon, Only in this way will o social attitude be impved and o country will have a better fute. Another virtue that students should possess is indomitable persrance. If we don't persre and work hard, we won't get any reward.

Therefore, we'd better reflect on the past occasionally and correct o wng outlook on life, so that o fute may be bghter.



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