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关于”简介“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Introduction to Sun Li。以下是关于简介的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Sun Li

An invitation letter in June dear Li Liang, I will graduate in June this year, so I plan to hold a party in my house on Saturday evening. If you can come, I will be very happy. Interestingly, you can't miss one thing about it.

We can have a big meal, sing pop songs and play s. It also provides a good opportunity for you Let you know many friends you haven't seen for a long time. First of all, it's very important to let you participate.

You are my best friend and bring me a lot of things. Second, we haven't met for a long time. I'd like to see you.

Without you, the party would be incomplete. The party will start in the afternoon. We may see you at my house on Saturday night.

I really hope you can come sincerely, Sun Li.




Sun Yang (Simplified Chinese: Traditional Chinese: Pinyin: s ū n) Y á ng, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in December, is a long-distance runner of China's Olympic Games and world records. He swam for China in the Asian Games. He won the Asian record of men's m Freestyle in this swimming competition.

His other two medals won in the Olympic Games were also named the best rookie of the year in CCTV Sports Award of the world championships. Sun Zhengyi broke the world of meter freestyle The record, set by grant Hackett in, broke the longest swimming world record at that time and the only male swimming record not broken during the University of science and technology. He won the M and m Freestyle in the summer Olympic Games, becoming the first Chinese man to win the Olympic swimming gold medal in the Olympic Games.

He was the two men who won two individual Championships One of the swimmers, the other is Michael P http://enorg/wiki/SunYang.


(简体中文:繁体中文:拼音:Sūn Yáng,xx月出生于浙江杭州,是一名中国奥运会和世界纪录的长跑运动员,他在亚运会上为中国游泳,他在这次游泳比赛中获得了男子m自由泳的亚洲纪录,他在奥运会上获得的另外两枚奖牌也被评为世界锦标赛CCTV体育奖年度最佳新秀,孙正义打破了米自由泳的世界纪录,年由格兰特·特创造,打破了当时最长的游泳世界纪录,同时也是科技大学期间唯一一个没有被打破的男子游泳纪录,他在夏季奥运会上赢得了m和m自由泳,成为有史以来第一个在奥运会上获得奥运会游泳金牌的中国男子,他是两位赢得两项个人冠军的男子游泳运动员之一,另一位是迈克尔·P帮助http://enorg/wiki/SunYang。


"Reading is like a good teacher and helpful friend" if a Tibetan family infects me, I also like reading books, especially good books, because reading good books can help people who read books are also good friends. Books and friends don't need to say faithful friendship stone friends. You don't have to say a sincere and plain friend.

Enough good friends alone will inspire inspiration and support my life when I am weakest Lu Lin met them in Ye Zhulin, in order to save Lin and Dong Xueba's war, because Lu Jing spared them for the last sentence of Lin. after reading this paragraph, I understood its meaning: "neither a brother nor his two friends. Why did Lu Lin work so hard?" I asked My grandfather, with a smile, said: "Liangshan is a kind man of honor.

This is the people he helped, not to mention working with their friends." this is my first time as a tutor. He taught me the most important friendship books and friends. If there are such friends, they will write 36 pieces of lovely personality and unique personality to continue.

The friends of Sun Wu family enlighten me with wisdom Although I am embarrassed, I am still deeply impressed by his painstaking efforts. The poetic "Lu hua" Sun Li is the work of an old friend of his. He gives me the Enlightenment of the rebirth of our motherland in the war.

The bookstore has written one song after another praising life, and also painted the profound feelings of our Sun family. Who told me his surname is sun How can we not pay sun's friends? In fact, every book's life is a friendship. Parents like textbooks, reference books like teachers, and students like reference books.

While classics live without friends like grandparents. After three days of friends, we must be "boring and terrible". I think books continue to flow, and more friends are willing to stay young.



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