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关于”管理自己的生活“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Managing your life。以下是关于管理自己的生活的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Managing your life

The first step to change is to realize how and why you do things your way, but why is it important to know yourself? The sense of self empowerment creates space and understanding for decision-, and deciding how to move forward or change self-awareness gives us a starting point, a place to work in sunny schlenger and Roberta In Roesch's Book How to organize yourself, they explain that everyone can be identified by different operating styles. If you feel it necessary to organize your work life, understanding your personal style is a good starting point. People are classified according to the following time types: Hopper: a person who usually has many projects in progress at a time and likes to complete all projects at once.

They constantly jump from one task to another without completing any task perfectionists plus: perfectionists actively participate in their projects and believe that they can do everything well. They rarely finish a project on time, even if they finish it As a job, they are often dissatiied with the results allergic to details: they are more willing to make plans than to implement them. This type is very weak in terms of implementation watchers: watchmen leave most things to chance because they can't make decisions and worry about whether they're the right decisions Clive hank: these people like to get excited and put things to the last minute, usually with a deadline to finish anything.

When I identified myself and my work style, I realized that it was more of a recognizable style than a personality defect I thought I had before, and that maybe one in five people shared it with me, so that I wouldn't be too hard on myself (first), but it also put me in a position of power to learn how to use it; here are some tips to help You better use each style funnel: slow down, eliminate distractions and distractions, do some high priority tasks when you're at your peak and project down to small goals perfectionist plus: identify and focus on your top priorities, any other details that don't require high attention. Learn to say "no" and delegate.


改变的第一步是意识到了解你是如何和为什么以你的方式做事的,但是为什么了解你自己很重要?自我授权的意识为决策创造了空间和理解,决定如何前进或如何改变自我意识给了我们一个起点,一个工作的地方在Sunny Schlenger和Roberta Roesch的书《如何组织你自己》中,他们解释说每个人都可以被不同的作风格所识别,如果你觉得有必要组织你的工作生活,那么了解你的个人风格是一个很好的起点,人们按以下时间类型分类: Hopper:一个通常一次有很多项目在进行中,并且喜欢同时完成所有项目的人,他们不断地从一个任务跳到另一个任务而没有完成任何一个任务 完美主义者加:完美主义者积极参与他们的项目,并相信他们可以把每件事都做好他们很少按时完成一个项目,即使他们完成了一项工作,他们通常对结果不满意 对细节过敏:他们更愿意制定计划而不是执行这些计划。这种类型在贯彻执行方面非常薄弱 守望者:守望者把大多数事情留给了机会,因为他们无法做出决定,并担心他们的决定是否正确 克里夫汉格:这些人喜欢兴奋,把事情拖到最后一刻,通常需要一个完成任何事情的最后期限。当我确定自己和我的工作风格时,我意识到这与其说是我以前认为的性格缺陷,不如说是一种可识别的风格,可能是五分之一的人与我分享这一点让我(首先)不会对自己太苛刻,但这也让我处于一个权力的位置,让我学会如何使用它;这里有一些小贴士可以帮助你更好地运用你的每种风格漏斗:减速消除分心和干扰当你精力最充沛的时候做一些高优先级的任务向下投射到小目标 完美主义者加:确定并专注于你的最高优先事项任何其他不需要高度关注的细节学习说“不”和授权。


Self disciplined people are not all excellent people, but almost all excellent people are self disciplined people. Some of them are reading every day, some are never late. The real difference between elites and ordinary people is that elites can manage themselves, which is what makes them succesul.

People call it self-management. In fact, self-discipline. If you want to be slim, you need to control your appetite.

If you want to succeed, you need to manage your heart. So set your goals and write down your reasons. Make a list of your daily work and life And you don't use mercury to do it.

It's not a sacrifice of your . It's . Only in self-discipline can you do it.

Don't be a slave to all the trivial things in your life. Only by self-discipline can yoeally have your future.




Lu Xun said: "time is like water in a sponge. As long as you like to squeeze, there will be some." so we should manage your time and do the most efficient things. For example, when we eat on the bus in the morning, we have time to review yesterday's content.

"We should eat as fast as possible at noon. When we read some textbooks, we should eat dinner on the desk, because the time on the table is more than the time on the table Important management of your time is important o (∩) o.



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