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关于”写海豚“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Write about dolphins。以下是关于写海豚的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write about dolphins

Dolphins and cetaceans, belonging to odontoids, dolphins and dolphins, are the appellation family. Small whales, nearly species, are distributed in the ocean, with a body length of about meters and a weight of kg. Dolphins are generally recommended to have star shaped teeth on their mandibles.

They are mainly composed of Baiji dolphin, squid and prawns. Crabs like "collective" life for eating dolphins, and most of them are few. It is an outstanding ability of hundreds of dolphins Intelt marine mammals are trained to play table tennis and fire.

In addition, the dolphin's brain is one of the most developed animals. My brain weight is composed of two parts. As part of the work, the other part has enough rest.

Therefore, the dolphins who can never sleep are echoed They can also throw food quickly and accurately. Dolphins not only have amazing hearing, but also have excellent swimming and diving skills. According to some tests, dolphins record meter diving, and people don't wear a calm appearance Can drop meters, but its swimming speed is not higher than human dolphins per hour kilometers, equivalent to a medium speed torpedo boat.




Dolphin and dolphin care programs include cetaceans, Asian cephalodon whales and finless porpoises, commonly known as dolphins. There are a total of nearly species distributed in the oceans of the world. Dolphins with meter length and weight of kg are generally left healthy, and have cone-shaped upper and lower teeth, mainly fish, squid and shrimp.

Crabs like to eat dolphin's "collective" life, at least the first few, and the number of 100 Maria is a dolphin's original In addition to serving as table tennis, diving and other cooking utensils in the training ground, the dolphin brain of animal species is the most developed in human brain, accounting for the proportion of my weight. The weight of dolphin brain accounts for two parts completely independent of dolphin brain. As one part of work, the other part is fully rested.

The echo location of dolphin, which can't sleep for a lifetime, is targeted Some experiments were carried out on the proximity and direction, position, shape and even the nature of objects. The dolphins covered their eyes and muddled the water suce in this way. They could quickly and accurately track the food thrown at them.

The dolphins not only had amazing hearing, but also tested the diving records of dolphins. The depth of diving records was meters. They did not wear diving suits, but only took diving meters as swimming speed compared with human beings Comparable dolphins have a top speed of km / h, which is equivalent to the medium speed swallow of a thunder speedboat.




Generally speaking, bottlenose dolphins are dark blue or brown gray, with light abdomen, strong body and thick tail. They are the largest of all kinds of dolphins. Some dolphins are almost twice as long as other dolphins.

Even if they live in the same school, their size, shape and color are quite different, so if they come from different countries, they are not the same With the same population, they may be even more different. The Scottish dolphin is one of the largest dolphins in the world, probably one meter longer than the dolphins living in Florida, USA. For example, they are also usually fatter than other bottlenose dolphins, possibly because of the cold weather, especially in winter in Scotland.

The easiest way to identify bottlenose dolphins is to look for obvious dark curved dorsal fins in lively gray dolphins, but they are easily confused with other dolphins, such as spotted dolphins and humpback dolphins, their dorsal fin shape, and skin The marks, scratches and other markings on the dolphins are used by researchers to identify the length of individuals. The weight of bottlenose dolphins may vary greatly, especially depending on where they live. Some bottlenose dolphins weigh more than four times the weight of other dolphins, while the weight of new born dolphins is between and kilopounds.



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