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Most countries in the world have strict laws to punish drunk driving. However, until recent years, drunk driving is very rampant in China due to poor legal provisions and law enforcement. In the past decade, due to poor legal provisions and law enforcement, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly, most of which are private cars' legal tradition and lack of legal consciousness, which leads to drunk driving The traffic casualties caused by rear driving are worrying; the impact of traffic accidents caused by drunk driving is far beyond the traffic field.

In many cases, drunk drivers are high-ranking government officials or rich businessmen. They can use their influence, privileges, contacts and bribes to be carefree. This has caused serious social problems, because justice can not be done, and the value of life of ordinary people is not achieved They don't get the respect they deserve.

These problems, in turn, have exacerbated the widening gap between the rich and the poor in China. To such an extent, only the most stringent s and laws can respond to the rising public complaints according to the law implemented in May this year, anyone who is drunk driving will be fined severely and detained for six months. I fully support this law, because it greatly reduces the number of complaints Without drunk driving and drunk driving cases, rich businessmen, senior government officials and famous musicians have been arrested, prosecuted and sentenced, all of which show that no one can be above the law, which will benefit all of us.


世界上大多数都有严厉的法律来惩罚醉驶,但直到最近几年,由于法律规定和执法不力,醉驶在中国十分猖獗,近xx年来,由于法律规定和执法不力,机动车数量急剧增加,其中大部分是私家车针对酒后驾车的法律传统和人们法律意识的缺乏,导致酒后驾车造成的交通伤亡令人担忧;醉驶造成的交通事故的影响远远超出了交通领域,在许多情况下,醉驶者是或富商他们可以利用他们的影响力,特权,人脉关系和贿赂逍遥法外这引发了严重的社会问题,因为正义得不到伸张,普通人的生命价值得不到应有的尊重。这些问题反过来又加剧了中国社会贫富差距的扩大,在这样一个程度上,只有制度和执行最严格的法律才能回应不断上升的公众投诉 根据今年xx月开始实施的法律,任何醉驶的人都将被处以严重罚款,并被处以6个月的拘留,我完全赞成这项法律,因为它大大减少了酒后驾车、酒后驾车的案件,富商、高级官员和著名音乐家被逮捕、被起诉、被判刑,所有这些都表明没有人可以凌驾于法律之上,这将使我们所有人受益。


Social network is a kind of social structure composed of individuals called "nodes", which is connected by one or more specific types of interdependence, such as friendship, kinship, common interests, economic exchange, disgust, ual relationship or belief relationship. Knowledge or reputation social network refers to the people who share interests and interact in various ways through software on the website, including Social networking sites such as file sharing, chat, information traner, photo / video exchange, etc. are generally free to join, including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, LinkedIn and so on.

As web-based services, we define social networking sites that allow individuals to build public or semi public profiles in a limited and clearly list the columns of other users who share connections with them The nature and name of these connections may vary from site to site. The importance of social networking can help businesses gain contacts, customers, and more public awareness. Even entrepreneurs who run small businesses from home can use this resource to build a global presence and make the most of social networking Network, it is very important to fully understand the concept of social network and how to apply it to enterprise development.

Social networks are emerging in history. In fact, it develops so fast that it puts the news media in the dust. People report news faster than the entire news team every day.





My name is Oliver. The 5th National Special Olympics will be held in Fuzhou in September next year. I need to recruit a certain number of volunteers.

I want to be one of them. I will submit the application letter to the Organizing Committee in English according to the requirements. The letter should include age, gender, education, excellent English and sign language, love sports and have good interpersonal relationship.

Fang Qixiang is familiar with them and promises to provide the best service.



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