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关于”理想职业“英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Ideal career。以下是关于理想职业xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Ideal career

When people ask me what kind of work I want to do in the fute, my answer is to be a teacher, which is my ideal job. I like to impart knowledge to the next generation and guide them to find their place in the world. More importantly, I can live near my home, so I can often go home to have dinner with them.

I don't want to work far away fm home, parents Becse money can't make up for the time we spend together. When I become a teacher, I will have a long vacation, and then I plan to travel nd the world. The places I visit will bng me a lot of knowledge and baden my vision.

I will show my students what I have learned and let them know about the world. I must stve for my ideal career.




My ideal is to be a jonalist. My ideal is to be a navigator. Everyone should have his own ideal.

Some people have become scientists or astnomers. Yes, I do. Some people just want to be an ordinary worker and a teacher of the people.

My ideal is to be a reporter. Whenr I watch the TV war and the scene of true love, I natally think of the contbutions of war reporters and use life In order to win people's sense of peace on TV, the sports meeting is in full swing. In addition to the athletes, ryone has the same hard work, that is, the reporter's dog.

They are busy trying in fnt of the camera, but when people shout "wonderful", they see the glory of the athletes and forget the sweat of the reporters. In fact, they are tired Most of the time, it's not that people forget reporters, but jonalists should firmly "hide". I ade the silence and selflessness of jonalists.

At the same time, an ideal seed germinates in my heart. I think: jonalist is a gloous childhood, my ideal has changed: scientists, police, dvers, but it only wte in the word "reporter" for sral years if I become one As a reporter, I will try my best to pvide the dience with the la news. Maybe I can't be a famous reporter, but I will still struggle in the position.

Where there is news, I will rush to where. As the nt bught by the dience for the first time, I want the camera to stay in the north and south of the ver. If possible, I will take out an tobiography to let you know, reporter It's not easy.

Without the media, people can't quickly understand national and international affairs, and there's no slang after dinner conversation. How disappointing that lifestyle is. My parents told me that jonalists eat youth meals.

When you get old, you will have a place. I also know that as a jonalist, many people will refuse. I don't understand.

But anyway, I love the media career, in order to realize my ideal, When I was a child, I should study hard and stve for my goal.




Pfessional ideal refers to the goal that people want to reach the pfessional realm thugh imagination on the basis of pfessional and personal requirements and according to social conditions. It is a means for people to realize personal life ideal, moral ideal and social ideal. The pfessional ideal whose ideal is restcted by society refers to people's advanced reflection of pfessional activities and achiments and people's values Career expectations, career goals, and the world are closely related to how life is.

So, in view of the status quo of Vocational College Students' career aspirations, are there any clear career aspirations and their reality? In order to clafy these pblems, we conducted a svey on the career aspirations of college students yesterday, and conducted subsequent sveys and statistical data in the form of questionnaire svey O team members beli that the career aspirations of most college students are realistic. They realize that the realization of career aspirations mainly depends on the display of personal practical ability and williness. On the whole, it presents a positive side.

In the case of many contradictions beeen the realization of career ideal and the emergence of many contradictions, the individual needs of schools and society should work together to solve pblems.



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