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关于”运用类比“英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Using o。以下是关于运用类比初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Using o

The function of ogical metaphor is different fm simile or metaphor, the latter is to impve the effect by vivid images. Metaphor is mainly to persuade people, or to explain or explain ideas. It dlops o thugh as many similaties as the thor can think of, so as to convince readers that becse things are similar in many aspects, a conclusion table is drawn fm one aspect Another similar conclusion about o, we must remember one thing, that is, when o tes to persuade or explain, it is not necessaly to pve that sometimes an o can go too far and mislead rather than convince people when reading o.

We should be clear about the meaning drawn fm parallel compason, but we should prnt accepting it without reservation argument.




There are many ways of mathematical thinking to solve a pblem, such as matching method, combination of number and shape, undetermined coefficient method, definition method of fallacy, ysis and synthesis of special and general methods, o and induction, classification, function and thought equation, etc. for example, classification discussion occupies a very important position. In order to understand mathematical thinking method deeply, this paper summazes the standard and ogin of classification This paper also discusses some typical examples, which are illustrated by solving this important application.




The black man's soul was full of calluses, and it was and difficult to ht him. This is a natal law, just like the calluses on the feet. The shoes are too tight.

The feet are natal. The shoes are worn by people. Tight shoes can pinch yo feet and make you scream.

Sooner or later, if you don't take off yo shoes, a calluses will form on yo feet and start to wear them, just like black Amecan shoes. The white man's has been pinching, rubbing, squeezing his soul until it almost destyed his soul, but it did not, now a cocoon has formed on his soul, unless the can adapt to him, that cocoon will wear that , now a cocoon has been formed on his soul, unless the can adapt to him, otherwise the cocoon will d If we want to ptect the world's ener resoces for fute generations, we must make the necessary sacfices. International leadership and global cooperation are essential.

Another reason for the need for international efforts is that other issues of an international nate also require global cooperation, such as whether each country independently recoizes the folly of nuclear weapons pliferation and voluntaly disarms, rather than just thugh an international effort, which is mainly based on the coercion of powerful leaders against detractors and calls for their own interests. Do we For the same reason, that is, individual countes obstruct the efforts of the international community, and some pgress has been made. It has been pved that drug trafficking is largely futile, becse without similar international efforts, ener conservation issues transcend national boundaes.

Either all countes must cooperate or all countes will ntually suffer Tagore's pain - her eager face hnts my dream, just like you The night rain as you walk nd the house the woman serves yo li like a mountain stream singing among the pebbles the touch of the nameless day is like moss nd the old tree arguing and debating applied induction hasty induction wng o.




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