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关于”我最喜欢的歌手吴“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:My favorite singer Wu Yifan。以下是关于我最喜欢的歌手吴的高二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite singer Wu Yifan

I like stars now girls like some movie stars or singers, their crazy stars I am a girl, but I am not one of them. My favorite stars are real musicians, such as Bach and Beethoven. Enjoying their music can purify my soul.

More importantly, their music will never be out of date. Therefore, I love them and their music.




I have an idol. He is a superstar. His name is Wu Yifan.

His English name is Kevin. He was born when he was. He's tall and handsome.

He has a small face, bright eyes, a high nose and a small mouth. He is good at sports. He likes playing basketball and dancing.

He is a good actor. He is very good. I think I have fallen in love with him.





Some people describe his face: no cosmetic surgery, God kisses ShenNa said to him: every day when you look in the mirror, you will be very proud, it is in the cartoon, or the cartoon is not true, his name is Li Jiaheng, not Wu fan, not Wu Yifan, not Chris, his parents divorced, took his mother to Canada to get his name, also want to change his name, date of birth, even Change seems to be his resurrection of a basketball he likes, perhaps in his dream there is a basketball in the future, as he said in the interview, the original dream is not to become a star, perhaps because of all kinds of unexpected miortune is doomed, perhaps four years of silence, Korea and tears washed time and patience to light up the reality, one day he appeared in the world with exom captain Chris He is not the biggest, but he should take the responsibility of the captain. He reiterates and opposes his indifference language with his language. It is his mark that his heart seems not ready to meet the world he has alienated.

We are the Chinese mainland portfolio. We are combined with 4 Chinese people, who are known as "leaders" and "God", but always carry the burden of four years on the first time. Shoes or cloth shoes before the show, ordinary people always smile like a bracelet.

It seems that they lost the crowd. Even if you tease him, because you still insist on people's choice, they say: in the nostalgia of the program and the network, you can make an ordinary dress completely tranormed. He always puts on the fan's clothes enthusiastically.

In order to meet the program, he cut the clothes. In the program, he said, "my mother is Nan." Beijing people, but have never been to Nanjing, we do not know how many days he has experienced. When asked about the age order in the program, he fell into a coma when pressing the "ID card", ranking third.

We found that he knew his real birthday better than anyone else. He didn't say much about it. But because the team leader answered the phone again, he didn't have many friends.

He would keep a certain distance from women and others Members of the same happy world, he quietly bowed behind, in fact, he is just a precocious child, completed another child or a dreamer's joke: don't misunderstand Wu fan all your life, meet Chris Wu fan love is a disaster of love, he does not understand love, like sunflower quietly insist at night, if you are good, you are the sunshine, smile, sunshine is brilliant.



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