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关于”妈爱“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Mother's love。以下是关于妈爱的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Mother's love

My mom is so nagging, she's been nagging me all day, saying this thing over and over again, oh, fansrock, I came early in the morning, "lazy, lazy to sleep, get up quickly," "don't look around for food," "come on, put on your bag, put on your water bottle, be late," "put on your clothes," "don't wear it, it's too hot," "that's clothes to wear," "no, you're the same" me Shaking my head like a drum hammer like a rattle to get my mother out, and then after school walk watermelon shoes slide down, I just out of college, a cold wind will blow to our face, my hair is all my cold mixed together, I am sorry that my mother heard about this case, why did they know this case, when I was facing the wall, I was still thinking about outdated, suddenly heard one The familiar voice called my name. I looked back and saw that it was not my mother's. she took my hand and was reluctant to put on my clothes.

I gladly took the coat. Hey, I had a kind of ominous premonition. Sure enough, my mother's magic started, "if I don't listen, it's a pity, how to do a cold wait." another long talk of mom is on its head ”"I don't know when I'll have a chance to read a composition with my mother," she said with a smile, "and then go out and don't nag.

It's my writing that keeps her from talking about it. No, it's really not used to it.




She pays for your wedding. She cries and tells you how much she loves you. Yoepay her by moving to another place in half a country, and she calls you to give you some advice about babies.

You thank her for telling her, "it's different now." when she calls you to remind you of a relative's birthday, you thank her for saying you're "really busy right now." when you're sick and need you to take care of her, you thank her for reading about the parents giving the baby And then one day she died quietly, everything you never did "shake my baby, shake my hand all night." let's take a moment to show our respect and gratitude to this person called "mother". Although some people may not say this to their mother publicly, she cherishes every moment irreplaceable, not the best friend, maybe different In our opinion, she is still your mother. She will be there for you to listen to your sadness, your boasting, your setbacks, etc.

ask yourself if you have enough time for her to listen to her "melancholy" when working in the kitchen. Her tiredness is witty, love her and show her due respect. Although you and she have different views, once you leave, you will only stay Under the good memories of the past, will also leave regret.

Of course, don't think you love her more than you love her most. Life is meaningless without her childhood.





As we all know, mother's love is the greatest, because they gave birth to us and never ask us for anything. Some people take this kind of love for granted. They do a lot of things to hurt the people who love them most.

How can we do this? I just want to say before our mothers get older, there are still things we can do to be kind to them when we were children, it was our mother who accompanied us all the time. They took care of all the children. The common problem of them was that they were picky about food.

This is one of the problems that mothers worry about. According to the news report, a mother from the United States has been troubled by this problem, so she learned to make food with various cartoon images. When her children see these cartoon images, she can see them When I heard some people complain about their parents, she tried to make me eat more.

I feel sorry for them because they don't know the meaning of gratitude.


众所周知,母亲的爱是最伟大的,因为他们生下我们,从不向我们要求任何东西。有些人认为这种爱是理所当然的,他们做了许多事情来伤害最爱他们的人我们怎么能这样做呢?我只想在我们的母亲变老之前说,我们仍然可以做一些事情来善待他们 当我们还是孩子的时候,是我们的母亲一直陪伴着我们,他们照顾一切孩子们的共同问题是对食物的挑剔这是母亲们烦恼的问题之一根据新闻报道,一位来自的母亲一直被这个问题困扰,所以她学会了用各种卡通形象来制作食物,当她的孩子看到这些卡通形象时,他非常高兴,把食物都吃光了 一个母亲可以尽一切努力让她的孩子快乐虽然我妈妈不能为我做各种美味的食物,当我听到一些人抱怨他们的父母时,她努力让我多吃点东西,我为他们感到遗憾,因为他们不知道感恩的意义。

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