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关于”理解文化“英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Understanding the challenges of culte。以下是关于理解文化四级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Understanding the challenges of culte

Like tangible cultal hetages such as the great wall and the Forbidden City, intangible cultal hetages such as Peking Opera and Conian ethi are equally important. We should do o best to ptect intangible cultal hetage, becse if there is no mateal form of existence, they will face greater sk of extinction Folk customs, performing arts, tuals, oral traditions and festivals, as a country with many nationalities and a long history and civilization, traditional crafts and vaous knowledge and practices about nate and universe can be listed as intangible cultal hetage. China has ch intangible cultal hetage.

Cultal hetage connects modern people with the history of the past, so that they can oain cultal and histocal identity without cultal hetage. We will become gundless. We will be very difficult to meet the crent and fute challenges.

The pcess of modernization poses a gwing threat to intangible hetage. Many people blindly beli in the la electnic equipment, and see that they have these hetage It is also sad that the elderly have passed away without passing them on to the younger generation facing these challenges. We should ptect and renew o ancestral hetage so that we can contbute to the cultal diversity of the world and retn to o spitual home in this age of immateal science and technolo.

Conianist tes try their best to ptect the intangible cultal hetage, which is faced with great sks. Convention on the ptection of intangible cultal hetage oral traditional handicrafts the vast number of ethnic minoties have a long history and civilization culte and histocal identity to meet the crent and fute challenges blind belief in ancestor cultal diversity spitual home era objective science and technolo: important culte.




Challenges of studying abad in today's era, and international students choose to study abad in the context of globalization and economic pspety. Although the benefits of studying abad are praised by people, there are still some challenges worthy of o special attention. Cultal shock is regarded as the biggest challenge faced by overseas students.

Generally speaking, different cultal backgunds, including language barers, customs and ways of thinking, will have an unexpected impact on relevant personnel. In fact, most of them know nothing about the established local traditions. Studying abad means huge expenses.

Not only parents have to face a huge financial bden, but also international students have to work part-time in their spare time. It is easy for us to come to the conclusion that the challenges of studying abad can not be covered up. It is better for international students to prepare for the above pblems /The importance of speaking ability and how to cultivate the challenge of studying abad.




Multi culte is an increasingly complex human society, information flow is increasingly dloped, and the of cultal tranormation is also accelerating. The dlopment of different cultes is facing different opportunities and challenges. New cultes will emerge in a continuous stream.

In the modern complex social structe, social dlopment requires vaous cultal s. These cultal s culte in social dlopment That is, the complex social context of multi culte.



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