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关于”乱扔“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:drop litter carelessly。以下是关于乱扔的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:drop litter carelessly

As we all know, environmental protection is becoming more and more popular. The society has adopted many policies to improve the environment of our human life, and we have also taken some measures. However, we are always told that some organizations and associations try their best to advocate campus environmental protection.

Their purpose is to make students aware of the importance and necessity of daily behavior, and they arrange for it Students watch documentaries about environmental protection and let them know why and how to do it. In addition, they also promote the classification of waste according to different uses and materials to help recycling. They also experimented with lakes and streams around the campus to see how much water there was as a result of environmental pollution.

Based on such an investigation, it would be more convincing to call on others to devote themselves to protecting the environment. As an environmental protection college student, I would like to give you some suggestions.





How to protect the environment has become one of the biggest problems in the world. We find that garbage not only pollutes our environment, but also harms people's health. Therefore, we should not throw rubbish on the ground.

Some factories are dumping waste water into rivers, lakes and farmland. The waste water may pollute plants and sometimes it will kill many fish. We must keep our environment clean and tidy There is only one earth.

We must try our best to protect it and make our home more beautiful. 2 as time goes on, human beings are Earth disease patients cut down too many trees, throw garbage everywhere, factories do nothing to dispose of their waste. There are some serious problems, such as desertification of land, dirty rivers, air is not so clean, and even the Earth's The temperature is also rising.

What should we do to save the earth. My advice is that we should plant more trees, throw rubbish into the dustbin, stop factories from dumping garbage directly into the air or rivers. We have only one earth, and we should try our best to protect it.

Otherwise, we will regret that the population on the earth is growing rapidly. Human beings must make the earth support the growing population. This requires rapid development of agriculture and industry.

Such rapid development produces more and more waste, which enters into water, soil and air. However, when there is too much toxic waste, toxic waste will cause great harm to the things around people. When birds, fish and people eat food, drink water or breathe, poisons are discharged into the air, water and soil.

The air in big cities is often dirty by cars and factories. In some places, millions of tons of waste and toxic gases are discharged into the air with smoke. Before the smoke enters the air, almost no measures are taken to make it clean.

People begin to realize the seriousness of the overall situation. In many countries, there are laws prohibiting factories from discharging toxic gases.






Garbage is everywhere on the road, and rotten garbage is everywhere on the railway. Our city has been humiliated by plastic bags recently. The worsening garbage problem has aroused people's extensive concern.

Some people think that people have formed a "throw away" society, and they just discard the old things. This is exaggeration, which is necessary, but others insist, People do develop a personal habit of throwing things away, and I strongly support the latter. There is no doubt that our city is developing towards becoming a huge landfill site.

Now people have the habit of littering. People tend to discard outdated furniture and old articles, and old utensils are actually recyclable. Due to the lack of garbage collection facilities, people throw garbage everywhere.

In addition, garbage is increasing rapidly first of all. The acceleration of the pace of modern life makes it more convenient for people to use disposable s. Secondly, the development of science and technology also promotes the increase of the amount of garbage.

New products are produced more and more frequently, and the old garbage is being discarded more and more quickly. We should take immediate measures to solve this problem. First of all, the government should play a leading role and formulate strong anti chaos measures In order to deal with littering, the government should make full use of the mass media, raise the public's awareness of environmental protection, and make everyone a conscious environmental protector.

Scientists can develop efficient garbage degradation and recycling technology. The research results show that the garbage has been recycled, schools must pay attention to environmental education, let every child become environmental protection, get rid of the habit of littering. All in all, people's littering habit is turning our community into a dump.

Now is the time for us to work together to solve the garbage problem, otherwise, we will live with garbage in the future.





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