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Two years later, China will host the Olympic Games. Green Olympi is one of the three major themes of the Beijing Olympic Games. The Beijing municipal government has made great efforts to ptect the envinment, build green pjects, maintain ecological balance, pmote circular economy and ptect water resoces.

The government will build new hotels, a huge stadium, a new Olympic standard swimming pool, and As a Chinese, as a senior high school student in Beijing, I am looking forward to the arval of the Olympic Games. We should play an active le in the implementation of the Green Olympi. We should start fm oselves, o families, o fends and the people nd us.

Although o country is very betiful and modern now, there are any pblems with it. I always see cars generate oke in the streets and bathoms. I see that students, not only young people, but also old people, will thw things nd without thinking.

It is not ght. Even in a betiful park, these things happen ry day, n in the north In a modern city like Beijing, let's start with the things nd us. Don't thw rubbish on the ad.

Don't make noise when you are outdoors. Tn off the tap after use. Ride a bicycle or bus instead of taking a pvate car to school.

Save yo pocket money and donate money for envinmental ptection orizations. After washing clothes, we can use it to flush the toilet To prnt others fm destying the envinment for me, I always pick up the garbage and thw it into the garbage can. I can collect waste paper or bottles for recycling and reuse.

I plant trees and flowers. We should start fm ry little thing nd us and truly realize the Green Olympi we are grateful for, becse the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games is a precious trease given by the Chinese people to the Olympic movement, expressing Olympi It is the responsibility of any peace loving person and o Beijing senior high school students. Welcome to Beijing.

Thank you.




There was a sports meeting in o grade yesterday. There were six classes in o class. All the classes did well in the boys' meter race In the first place, Zhang Lin of o class and iinao of o class fell behind each other.

Howr, in the end, he ted his best to win the first place in the women's ce race. His sister ran the fas. Zhang Fang and Li Ming in the class were both behind, but they all ted their best.

In the high jump competition, Jinling jumped a few meters high, and the whole class stood up and ced. Liu Tao of o class also did well. He jumped high and Chen Hao jumped sral meters.

Zhang Ming in the class was the fas. Zhou Ping and Gao Lin both jumped very well. O class won when we were very happy.

Yo head told us to do rything we could.


运动会/昨天我们年级开了一个运动会我们班有六个班所有班在男生米赛跑中都做得很好,班上IJn Iin首先赢了第一名,我们班张琳和班上iinao不分彼此地落在后面,但是,最后,他尽了最大努力,在女子米赛跑中取得了第一名,跑得最快,班上张芳和班上李明都落后了,但他们都尽力了。在跳高比赛中,金玲跳了几米高,全班同学都站起来哭了,我们班也做得很好,他跳了米高,陈浩跳了几米,班上张明跳得最快,和高林都跳得很好,我们班在我们都很高兴时候就赢了,你校长叫我们做每件事都要尽力。


A page of Sally's diary last week we held a school sports meeting on the playgund of o school. All the students took an active part in it. Sometimes we watch sports s.

Sometimes we cheered loudly that sports member John took part in the ce race. He was the fas runner in the race and got the first high jump Lisa wasn't good at, so we said, come on, cheer her up. As soon as I heard the pain at the beginning, I took part in the meter race.

I ted to run faster than others when I was running. I heard my clasates cheer on. It gave me a lot of stren, and in the end I was the first to get to the finish line.

As a result, my class won the first place in the sports meeting. We are so pud of it. It's really an exciting day.

October is sunny, October is bght, October is sunny, October is sunny and spicious. With the wind and cold, the sun of o tumn sports meeting is shining on the opening day of the ctain. O steps are neat, we listen, and we appld warmly under the blue sky.

The white clouds are very special Obviously, although many s have officially started, the little he students of men's MII class also participated in a that only listened to "bang". He held his head high and his arms were so rhythmic. The rhythm was flexible.

There was no need to worry about not being rash. It seemed that he was waiting for the best overtaking opportunity. When others were nd, they should not fiddle with them, followed by a few athletes Howr, his whole body was sweating and panting, but he could still clench his teeth in the second lap.

Not only was he not slow, but also and fast, sral players became red eyes behind him. They were a pair of wings, playing catch and ending cheerleading team. They were getting higher and higher, pviding than one cover.

Only the last meter, an accident happened and only one sports nt was accelerated The pace, tn, just like, and than a little he, only to maintain the final of than meters, who in this moment, followed by the mouth seems to be sealed by tape, shouting that the students are in my mouth, the judges finally und their eyes, the little boy out of the meter track in a second, m, this is not only stren, also did not show, but persrance, work ng is not only a medal, but also a cry.





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