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关于”发展的题目“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Topics of development。以下是关于发展的题目的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Topics of development

The Internet is becoming more and more popular in the world. As shown in the picture, two people are sitting in different places in front of their own computers. They seem very happy.

Because of the Internet, we can clearly see that the guy on the left types a message and sends it to the person on the right, that is, the message says: David, would you like a cup of coffee tonight? Of course, with the rapid development of high technology and economy, the Internet is a convenient tool, and the use of the Internet will bring more and more benefits to people: people will benefit a lot from the Internet) undeniably, computer network is a symbol of social civilization, the progressive Internet is an information pool, people can enter customs through the key Key words to search for anything they want, for example, someone who wants to know the great wall of China just needs to open a web browser, type in "Great Wall" and search for it, and he / she can get so many related links, and people can buy their favorite products through the Internet, instead of shopping in the chaotic streets. Through the above ysis, we We can draw a conclusion: we should make full use of the Internet, which will bring us many benefits. As a Chinese citizen, we should study hard, so as to have a brighter future and make our country prosperous.


互联网在世界上变得越来越流行,如图所示,两个人坐在不同的地方,在他们自己的电脑前,他们似乎很高兴,因为有了互联网,我们可以清楚地看到,左边的家伙(guy)键入一条消息,并将其发送到右边的人,即消息说:大卫, 今晚喝杯咖啡好吗?对的人很快就收到了回答:当然随着高科技和经济的飞速发展,互联网是一个多么便捷的工具,互联网的使用将给人们带来越来越多的好处:人们将从互联网中受益良多)不可否认,计算机网络是社会文明的象征,进步的互联网是一个信息池,人们可以通过键入来搜索任何他们想要的东西,例如,有人想了解中国的长城,他/她只需要打开一个网络浏览器,输入“长城”并搜索它,他/她就可以得到这么多相关的链接,而且人们可以通过互联网自己喜欢的商品,而不是最后在混乱的街道上购物通过以上分析,我们可以得出一个结论:我们应该充分利用互联网,这将给我们带来很多好处,作为一个中国公民,我们应该努力学习,这样才能有一个更光明的未来,使我们的繁荣昌盛。


The necessity of examination questions integrating Chinese culture into university education my views on the relationship between widely spread majors and future work My opinion on maintaining personal credit, second-hand goods trading, Internet and private topics my views on the moon topic stock hot spots my views on the change of national public holidays about college students' support for rural construction topic about the topic of aging population The impact of economics Christopher pike is a teaching volunteer topic asking for some suggestions a letter to a human resources manager a letter to a manager a recruitment poster a letter about noise pollution an invitation to a classmate a secretary application a call for donations a poster for a manager The application of the Theme software of floating population of college students in marriage and divorce in a certain region of China.




Now, with the deepening of ization, we enjoy the convenience brought about by ization. How do people know how cities started long ago? There are only a few thousand people in the world. These people move from one place to another and hunt animals for food.

No one knows how or when these people learned to grow food, but when they learned to do it, they did One thing is for sure, they gather in rich places or close to water. Water and climate are the most important things for life. It was the rich water and comfortable climate that gathered people from different places, and they began to live close to each other, so many people came to work in the first village, and the village became bigger and bigger.

When the machine was invented, the life in the village changed again. The factory has been built. Because of the increase of population, more and more people live near the factory, more and more buildings are built, and then the city is built.




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